Introducing…..Nathan Shaffer

Nathan Shaffer
Nathan Shaffer delivers a classic American rock hymn for the turbulent modern world. Shaffer’s “Come Back America” is laced with both affection and anger for a country he’s had a love affair with for over forty years and it shines through every chord and lyric.

With a unforgettable raspy vibrato only garnered through living the real life experience and the signature cry of a Fender Stratocaster, Nathan Shaffer delivers a force of monumental proportions. Drawing from the inspirations of his childhood, including Queen, The Beatles, and Zeppelin, “Come Back America” is a modern rocker with all the best classic rock elements. Yes, that means this fiery track is laced with four part harmonies, guitar squeals, and lyrics about this lovely country of ours. It also means that this song is written from the heart and soul, with one main intention: to be loud and pure! go here for the full bio!

Check out his video for “Come Back America” below: