AV Super Sunshine "Sink Or Swim"

AV Super SunshineArtist:
Marcel Chagnon
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July 16, 2015


The story of AV Super Sunshine is an inspiring tale of resilience and dedication to never letting go of the passion and art that lives deep within. A product of the post-disco classic rock revival, AV Super Sunshine channeled artists such as The Small Faces, Zeppelin, early Aerosmith, Sabbath, and others to hone his craft. Then, like many others, life just kind of got in the way and the music fell by the wayside.

He struggled for years with bouts of depression, anxiety, bi-polar and other afflictions which robbed him of many prime years of creativity. Eventually, he came to realize that it is music itself that is a huge part in managing his life and the fire still burned inside of him. With this renewed vigor he set off on a path of creating retro-soaked rock and roll anthems. Last year we brought you the beautifully shot “Baby Goodbye” video, which displayed a combination of 60’s psychedelic and 70’s hard rock, all bundled into a visual stunner.

Today, we want to switch gears a little bit and put the focus back onto AV Super Sunshine, the performer. In his brand new video, “Sink or Swim,” AV sets out to prove that he’s not just a man defining himself with stellar albums and professionally shot music videos, but that at his core he is also a greatly gifted artist who brings an energy to his live show that is both infectious and inspiring.

“Sink or Swim” is a live performance video at it’s core, but done in decidedly AV fashion. The playback is stuttered, giving a pseudo-trippy vibe, and the coloring is washed out in a sepia toned layering. It all sets the stage for AV Super Sunshine and the band to put on a powerful and convincing performance that shows that this is a band and an artist with an unrivaled passion and a hard-earned classic rock pedigree.

We’re very pleased to be working once again with AV Super Sunshine to give him the audience he deserves. Please get in touch if there is anything we can do here on our end to help get this video into your programming. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.AVSuperSunshine.com for more info.

AV Super Sunshine
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