AV Super Sunshine “Happiness”

AV Super SunshineArtist:
Jared Sagal
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February 24, 2016


Since we first introduced you to AV Super Sunshine he’s pumped a steady stream of videos celebrating his love of AAA American Rock, as well as UK artists like David Bowie and Pink Floyd. First was “Baby Goodbye,” then came “Sink Or Swim,” “Just Like Kurt,” and even the rebirthed “Super Sunshine Girl” in quick succession. Each time we were reminded why AV is an artist who doesn’t just have a love for a past era of rock and roll, but he lives it each and every day.

When it came time to create the new video for “Happiness” we were eager to connect AV with one of our favorite directors, Rockerrazzi’s Jared Sagal. Not only a killer solo artist, but also the man behind the lens for artists like Jason Hemmers, Kailey Swanson and The Christopher Brothers, it was a match in heaven of creative minds.

For the “Happiness” video, AV also looked to the heavens for inspiration. Dressed in a full astronaut suit and channeling the Bowie character of Major Tom, AV sings dead ahead at the camera with little to no expression across his face. With his galactic gal representing Lady Stardust always at his side, their chill vibe is the perfect compliment to the mid-tempo, plodding rhythms of the song.

To compliment his performance, Sagal lays over a healthy dose of of deeply saturated footage of the galaxy flying by. Whether be the closest moons, or nebulas millions of light years away, it’s a intergalactic treat for both the eyes and ears. Sit back, mellow out, and get happy!

Once again, we’re super excited to bring you more exceptional music video content from AV Super Sunshine and so thrilled that he’s teamed up with Jared Sagal for “Happiness.” As always, you can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team to get you anything you may need to get this video into your programming. Call us at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit http://www.AVSuperSunshine.com/.


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