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Have you recently received a request to submit your music video closed captioned? Perhaps you’ve been asked to submit your video via DMDS? Close captioning is required on all programming and with the migration from analog to digital programming the task of close captioning a music video has evolved as well. DMDS is now the sole administrator of music video submissions to MTV Networks. Here at HIP, we are official DMDS partners and have all of the technology at our fingertips to create the HD files you need. All we need is the video file and the transcript! Many captioning houses will charge you a significant amount of money to close caption your music video and create the appropriate digital format. Our costs for closed captioning are only $125 for each video and a very affordable rate of $20 per video file type. Contact us for more information on having HIP Video Promo be your close captioning destination!

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Andy Gesner - Founder

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