Enfamous “Hope You Hurt”

Joe Green
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April 8, 2013


Enfamous is a raw and captivating artist on the rise, and his energy and strong emotions are what make him stand out as one of music’s truest artists of the year. This artist describes his music as “unpredictable,” revealing his vulnerability and strong demeanor. Along with his bold style in storytelling, Enfamous differentiates himself from other male artists. HIP Video Promo presents this raw and tantalizing video clip for the single “Hope You Hurt.”

Jason Gathright, also known as Enfamous, was raised with his twin sister and other older siblings in East Orange, New Jersey. This artist acquired a love for singing at the mere age of five and joined a local church choir where he learned what his true passion in life was all about. At a young age, Enfamous knew he didn’t want to be a performer, so he began writing songs for local underground rappers. However, after realizing these artists lacked the emotional and heartfelt passion that Enfamous envisioned them to possess, he took ownership of his creative spirit to become a singer.

Enfamous’ main goal in music is to reach out to as many music listeners as possible and connect with them on a multitude of raw, emotional levels. His unique melodies and heartfelt lyrics have been motivated by a great deal of inspirations such as the success of Barack Obama and music by artists such as John Legend and Beyonce. His first offering to the music scene is an EP titled My Revenge, which exudes the raw emotion of seeking revenge from a love gone wrong. In the following video clip for “Hope You Hurt,” the theme of his EP is evident, and his raw and overpowering emotions are clear as day.

We are introduced in the beginning of the clip to the crackling sound of a fire, and we watch as Enfamous is clearly let down by a love interest. As she has Enfamous leave her apartment to be with another man, we realize she has chosen a violent love affair over the passionate and fruitful one that Enfamous has to offer. “Hope You Hurt” displays a man who seeks revenge not because he is jealous, but because he truly knows what love is all about. As the screen splits, Enfamous tenderly sings his song of revenge to a lost love. The emotion is constant throughout “Hope You Hurt,” and Enfamous’ powerful lyrics and melodies are both relevant and revolutionary in the eyes of contemporary hip-hop and R&B genres.

The birth of this artist is teeming with positive and influential possibilities. Enfamous’ ability to present heartfelt and raw emotions through the sound of meaningful vocal melodies shows us that this artist isn’t going anywhere. For more information on “Hope You Hurt” and for the latest news on Enfamous, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.EnfamousMusic.com for more info on Enfamous.

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