The Exies “My Goddess”

The ExiesArtist:
Diane Martel
Add Date:
December 15, 2002


The Exies are a gutsy guitar-based quartet hails from Southern California and are pinching themselves that Virgin Records has tapped them to be the breakout band for 2003. All the hype surrounding them is fully warranted and though The Exies new stellar CD, Inertia, won’t be dropping at retail until January 7th, 2003, HIP Video is excited for you to check out The Exies’ stunning new breakthrough video for the first single “My Goddess.” This two minute and forty five second video is a cinematic gem.

Directing her first rock video, video visionary Diane Martel made news when she and The Exies shut down Highway 2 in Los Angeles County on September 8th, 2002 to shoot the “My Goddess” video. Entire families camped out for the day on overpasses and embankments to watch the festivities as Scott, David, Freddy and Dennis rocked it out right on the sun-scorched pavement. In this dazzling, suspenseful video, The Exies defy all conventional wisdom by taking on LA rush hour traffic….literally. Having the balls to set up smack dab in the middle of the freeway (and as cars fly by the band at 70 miles per hour), The Exies ignore the oncoming traffic with reckless abandon and inspire the local rocker kids to come rushing to their aid. The special effects are so well done that it’s arguable that this high energy clip could be heralded as the best new video of the year. At one point in the video it looks like David the guitarist is going to get creamed by a tan Mercedes, but somehow he avoids becoming another road fatality.

The Exies are unafraid to follow their songwriting hunches and build their anthemic odes on killer hooks. They are poised to be the start of a modern musical movement encompassing a variety of themes (with little respect to “trying to fit in”). Back in the late 50’s-early 60’s there were the Mods, the Rockers and in the middle were the “existentialists” (or Exies for short). This rebellious aesthetic is the backbone of Inertia, an eleven song collection that ventures down many musical paths and remains remarkably engaging throughout.

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