Nick Carter “Just One Kiss”

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Nick Carter & Danny Roew
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May 4, 2011


Howdy programmers! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff and we have one of pop music’s most prominent stars of the past two decades coming your way with his brand new solo release. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame is at it again with his new clip “Just One Kiss.” Carter is a household name and a heartthrob for almost every girl who grew up listening to 90s-00s era pop. Nick Carter has collectively sold over 100 million records while leading his pop group The Backstreet Boys and over 500,000 recently as a solo artist. His face has been on the walls of buildings, on the covers of magazines, on the sides of cars, buses and planes, and tattooed on the bodies of women across the world! The level of celebrity Nick Carter has experienced (and the number of celebrities he dated), is easily coveted and rarely ever achieved by rockstars and actors across the world. In fact, the handsome singer even starred in a show about him and his famous singing brother, Aaron, titled “The House of Carters.”

The talented Mr. Carter finds reinvention while visiting what has made him the star that he is in his new track “Just One Kiss.” Having effortless and smooth delivery has won Carter numerous hearts, and he does it again in this upbeat ballad. The bass drum here is constant and ready for the club dance floor, the synth is gentle and takes a backseat to Carters signature voice. The chorus line is easily one of the catchiest pop ballad moments this year, staying away from the monotonous one-note harmonies of today’s talentless pop singers and reigniting of memories from when pop was synonymous with the ability to sing. The song also marks a departure from Carter’s pure pop past, as the track is filled with delayed guitars and sort of hints that a certain someone has been indulging himself in classes at the school of Edge and Bono. This is a welcome change and will resonate with many of the BSB fans who might have grown out of their original boy band obsession.

The video for “Just One Kiss” does not shy away from the fact that Nick Carter has been taking care of himself and looks better than ever. Here, we find the singer stranded on an abandoned beach, strolling around and searching for his lost love. The style of the video is reminiscent of the classic “Wicked Game” video, but sprinkling in a few bits of color here and there.

Carter is currently ensconced in the promotion of his single, which is off his album I’m Taking Off. Nick Carter is now appearing on late night talk shows, such as his visit to Lopez Tonight the second week of April. He is also playing several shows across the nations to build excitement about his release. The internet is already buzzing about the track and the clip, with Just Jared running a big feature on Carter, which extends to the front of Buzznet. Carter is also currently mentioned on several celebrity gossip sites to raise awareness amongst the pop-obsessed public audience. This is a high profile release and will surely gain even more traction in the coming weeks.

We are extremely excited to be able to bring this high profile video to your doorstep. We are certain your viewers will appreciate seeing their favorite star in this polished offering. The folks at Kaotic have given us plenty of stuff to giveaway, so be sure to reach out to set up sweepstakes and contests! You can also visit for tour dates and to find out more about Nick Carter.

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