of Montreal “L’age D’or”

of MontrealArtist:
Nina Barnes
Add Date:
October 3, 2011


Hello programming brothers and sisters! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff here with a brand new music video from undoubtedly among the most important psychedelic pop acts of the past two decades, of Montreal. The band returns, more adventurous than ever before with “L’age D’or,” a sexy funky track with avant-garde and extravagant lyrics.

At the end of “Faberge Falls For Shuggie”, a song from Of Montreal’s exceptional 2007 album Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?, Kevin Barnes sings a string of phrases that would become the titles of his next three releases: Skeletal LampingFalse Priest, and now,thecontrollersphere EP, from which “L’age D’or” hails. The EP contains some of the band’s more adventurous escapades, including a noisy visceral number with a monologue about a horrific sexual ritual, firmly rooted in erudite freakiness. However, this sort of boundless creative restlessness is what prominently sets the band apart from the many aspiring psychedelic groups over the last several decades and wins them critical appraise every time. The new EP has received love fromPitchfork, who claim that singer Kevin Barnes’ new songs are “bold and show that he’s an artist who is eager to challenge himself rather than stick to what has become a very successful formula.” The release was also very much approved for listening by Rolling Stone,Consequence of Sound, Stereogum and many more.

“L’age D’or” has already hit the internet ground running, with features in the above mentioned press outlets as well as Under The Radar magazine, Hypetrak, and Under The Gun. The track is a sexy, filthy, funk rock trip into the psychedelic, with nods to Prince. The song is bundled with an equally untamed video, filled with sexual overtones and masked in body paint, colorful imagery, smoke, and other-dimensional mating rituals. Needless to say, “L’age D’or” lives up to the fans’ expectations, in both, sound and visuals. One of the neat features of this addition to of Montreal’s catalogue of weird are the seductively charged spoken verses. The band has also made sure to keep production in-house by hiring Nina Barnes, Kevin Barnes’ wife, to direct the video. Expect nothing less than brilliance from Kevin Barnes and company; after all, this is a man who rides a live horse onto the stage of a rock concert!

The of Montreal collective is currently on tour across the States in support of their release, so be sure to let us know if you’re interested in seeing/interviewing the band. We are once again pumped to be waving the flag for our favorite alternative music pioneers. Creativity is never in short supply with of Montreal, so be sure to join us in waving the flag for this third and final installment of interconnected themes. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.PolyvinylRecords.com or www.ofMontreal.net to find out more about of Montreal and any tour dates near you.



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