Sarah Jaffe “Glorified High”

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David Lowery & Toby Halbrooks
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MAY 11, 2012


Just over one year ago we brought you the first single by a Denton, TX artist named Sarah Jaffe. At the time she was quickly making a name for herself in the Texas music scene and just starting to creep into the national discussion. What a difference 18 months make! Her debut album Suburban Nature was such a critically acclaimed work, as was her live DVD The Way Sound Leaves A Room, that for her new album, The Body Wins, is already getting attention from such coveted spots like NPR’s First Listen as well as a premiere of the new “Glorified High” video premiering on Stereogum. If this all seems like a big mouthful in one giant run-on sentence, there is good reason; because people straight up love Sarah Jaffe and there’s so much to talk about!

With her first video for the standout track “Clementine” and then subsequent live cuts for “Sucker For Your Marketing” and “Clementine”, Sarah firmly established herself as a force to be reckoned with amongst the indie folk scene with her haunting and delicate voice and organic instrumentation. But what may have been most telling was the video for “The Way Sound Leaves A Room”, which at the time was simply a modest video thrown together to showcase a demo track that hinted at a new direction Sarah had been striving for. Normally our first reaction to hearing about an artist we love making a deliberate change in style away from their signature sound causes us to get a little tense and afraid that they would lose the magic of what got them there in the first place. One listen through the new single “Glorified High” and we can all collectively sigh knowing that not only did Sarah find a new sound, but it still sounds like Sarah Jaffe…..only now it’s even better!

The new video for “Glorified High” immediately hits as a clip that demands multiple viewings to really appreciate how special it really is. It starts on a simple sound stage with Sarah and the crew getting set to shoot and after one verse of the song with Sarah in the spotlight a young child appears in the picture and unexpectedly rips right into some serious dance moves! As they make their way through the song and empty studio, we see a real maternal-like bond between Sarah and the girl, and we get the sense that Sarah sees a bit of herself in the free spirit of the young girl. Singing about the rebellious days of doing things “partly for the story” and “solely out of boredom”, Sarah serves as an encouraging mentor, only interrupting her flow for words of wisdom and encouragement. Sarah stated that she always envisioned soem choreography and thought a child would be the perfect fit. After following a chain of YouTube videos she found a young hip hop dancer named Emily and knew immediately the she had to include her in the new video. It’s an adorable and sincere connection between the two and one that we think will strongly connect with you and your viewers.

We’re all very excited to be working with Sarah Jaffe and the Kirtland Records crew once again. We caught Sarah at this year’s SXSW and her presence and persona is one of the best out there. We’d love to hook you up with some copies ofThe Body Wins for you and your viewers so please be in touch to get some! If you need any more info about Sarah Jaffe or Kirtland Records, please hit up Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit or for more info on Sarah Jaffe.

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For info about Sarah Jaffe’s “Clementine” music video, click HERE

or for info on “Clementine (Live),” “A Sucker For Your Marketing,” & “The Way Sound Leaves A Room” click HERE

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