Silhouette Rising “Don’t You Hear Me Calling” & “Sex In The City”

Silhouette RisingArtist:
James and Robert DiNanno
Add Date:
September 17, 2012


With eclectic influences ranging from classic artists to contemporary talents, the musicians of Silhouette Rising have managed to blend their inspirations to create a sound that encompasses the art of creating music. HIP Video Promo saw the ever-growing stardom of this band, and it is with their quirky, somewhat comical approach to music that we can appreciate a good laugh here and there while still enjoying some feel-good music. Their introduction of two videos “Don’t You Hear Me Calling?” and “Sex in the City”, from their new album Ode To Vandalism, offer the balance that exists within this group of musicians and the creative approach to music that they are wholeheartedly taking on.

These New England natives proudly wave the indie flag, and their ability to create natural, yet contemporary music promotes the ideas that Silhouette Rising encompass. The music that they create can be classified as fun loving and free spirited, and that is just what the music scene needs. With eclectic influences ranging from contemporary artists such as Incubus, The Fray, Circa Survive, Death Cab for Cutie, and Bon Iver, Silhouette Rising has made it impossible for music listeners to deny their approach to music. In their first video for “Don’t You Hear Me Calling?” we are introduced to the more comical side of the band. Based on a comedic rendition of the popular film O Brother, Where Art Thou, Silhouette Rising offers a song that captures the essence of well-known artists such as Bright Eyes and Fleet Foxes. The video transports us to sing-a-long melodies that are mixed with the contemporary sounds of indie-folk rock all-stars. “Don’t You Hear Me Calling?” is an invitation for music listeners across the world to check out what Silhouette Rising’s catalog of musical influences are. However, it is with their video for “Sex in the City” that we see the true side of these performers.

The song captures the essence of Drive-Thru Records’ own RX Bandits, as it contains the rock elements and horn sections throughout the verses. Within “Sex in the City,” we witness the hardships of finding love within a city that is dangerous and full of people who are somewhat evil. The song paints a picture that shows the true necessities of getting by in an overpopulated city, and moreover it provides guidance for finding truth. As we watch what is going on within the streets of the city, Silhouette Rising is performing in a dank, dark basement. The funk/rock inspired elements of “Sex in the City” encompass what Silhouette Rising has to offer the music scene, and it is through their playful demeanor and thrashing guitar riffs that we experience all that these musicians have to offer.

Their approach to music is well rounded and stylistic, but it is through their entertaining demeanor and driven influences that we cannot deny these musicians their rightful appreciation. Please let us know if there is anything we can do on our end to help get these videos into your programming. For more information on Silhouette Rising, please contact Andy Gesner and the staff of HIP Video Promo at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .

Silhouette Rising
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