Strange & Primitive "Difficulties Be Damned"

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Malcolm Sutherland
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July 10, 2015


When we introduced you to Strange & Primitive earlier this year, it was by way of their “Eureka” video, a simultaneously amusing and ominous claymation video that was done completely by bandmates Graham Fish and Jeff Musgrave. It was an examination on the relationship between man and machine, and the continuously delicate between the two. It was the perfect visual compliment to a sound that resonated with fans of new wave, electronica, and even a touch of goth. They’ve set a high bar for themselves, but with the new video and single for “Difficulties Be Damned,” we’re proud to report they’ve produced a video that not only clears that bar, but they’ve done so with room to spare. 

2015 marks the release of their first, self-titled debut, a modern melt of musical genres and sonic landscapes. The new album pursues themes of miscommunication, misunderstanding and misidentification with a blend of energy and atmosphere. Musgrave performs vocals while all other writing, arranging, recording, producing and performing responsibilities are shared equally. 

Visuals naturally complement and enhance their music. Pieces are written with imagery in mind. For “Difficulties Be Damned” the band teamed up with animator Malcolm Sutherland to drop a video that is bright in color, ambitious in scope, and dark in message. This brightly colored clip sets itself on distant world with an alien being that appears like some sort of Mayan UFO, mixing the ancient world with the future. As it traverses the land it finds various souls that have met a gruesome fate. Using its powers, the alien’s automaton brings these creatures back to life. But what is doing all of the killing? And why? Once the identity is revealed, we the viewer realize Strange & Primitive have just dropped another brilliant narrative on us about the ills of our world and how we as humans are often our own worst enemy. You may want to give this video a couple viewings to fully appreciate the artistic scope and the exceptional story. You may also want to give it multiple views because it’s just that good! 

Here at HIP Video Promo, we’re very eager to share this clip with you and your viewers, and if there is anything at that we can do to help get this into your programming, please get in touch! You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779, email us at . You can also visit for more info on Strange & Primitive.

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