The Dead Daisies "Midnight Moses"

The Dead DaisiesArtist:
Alejandro Demetrius
Add Date:
May 12, 2015


When we last encountered The Dead Daisies, they were on the eve of embarking on a historic trip to the island nation of Cuba as part of a cultural exchange organized by the Cuban Ministry of Culture. As part of President Obama’s loosening of travel restrictions, the trip marked a huge milestone in the opening of relations between the two countries. The Dead Daisies would be the first international rock band to perform in Havana since the US-led embargo began 50 years ago. To showcase this historic event, the Daisies brought the cameras along with the rock, and we’re very excited to share with you the new video for “Midnight Moses,” using a blistering cover of the classic Sensational Alex Harvey Band to chronicle their epic trip!

Music has always had the power to transcend politics, and the trip abroad showed just that. Aside from two sold out shows, they also visited music schools and jammed with local Cuban musicians, bringing the spirit of rock and roll to all walks of life. And as ones to keep their audience and themselves on their toes, they also brought along some new friends to add to the Daisies family. The line-up featured long standing collective members Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Darryl Jones, David Lowy, and Marco Mendoza. They were also joined by singers John Corabi (Motley Crue/RATT) and Bernard Fowler (The Rolling Stones) for the first time. The trip was historic, monumental and left a lasting impression with the Cuban people and the band with the world media covering the trip extensively.

The video hits hard from the very start and never lets up. Corabi’s gravelly rock and roll timbre are a welcome addition to the Daisies sound, bellowing out Midnight Moses’ signature “Hey! Hey! Hey!” to announce the band’s presence, as well as his own. Soaked in bright lights and the adrenaline of their audience, the band absolutely destroys it onstage. The people of Cuba certainly know and love their rock and roll, but chances are they’ve never seen anything quite like this. Alongside the live footage are shots of the wonderful local population hanging with the band and showing that though their differences are few, but their similarities are many. It’s uplifting and inspiring to see musical diplomacy in action, and we’re optimistic that this is just the start of many more trips abroad for The Dead Daisies.

As always it is our absolute pleasure to be working with The Dead Daisies and the Spitfire Music team to keep rock and roll alive and well! Please get in touch with us here at HIP Video Promo if there is anything we can do on our end to get this video into the mix with your programming! For more information please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info.

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