The Dead Daisies "With You And I"

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Made by Danny Saber and Jonathan Covert
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October 26, 2015


When The Dead Daisies brought John Corabi on as their new lead singer, he brought with him his trademark sound of gritty vocals and unapologetic fury behind the mic. The rest of the Daisies were quick to feed off of this energy, and their newest release for Revolución is a fine piece of blunt musical force. Rolling Stone says that for lovers of blues and classic rock “this is up there with the best hard rock releases of the past decade.”

We’ve already brought you two outstanding videos from the album, “Mexico” and “Midnight Moses” and now we’re ready to hit you over the head once again with the brand new video for “With You & I.” “Midnight Moses” captured the band’s transformative trip to Cuba, which “Mexico” was the first video that saw the band in a leading role. With this many videos it can be tough to find new concepts, but the Daisies never have a problem with that. For “With You & I” the band simply looked to the past to tell a sobering story about not only the present, but ultimately the future as well.

“With You & I” touches on all the current issues happening on our planet. It addresses many controversial subjects such as Refugees, Religious Conflicts, Wars, Climate Change and Corruption in our society. The video features footage from some of the biggest tragedies and recent failings of the human race starting with the 9/11 terror attacks melding into wars in the Middle East, global warming, famine and the recent migration of refugees from war torn Syria. The underlining message of the video is a positive one however, if we want to make the world a better place it is possible, but it starts “With You & I”.

As always it is our absolute pleasure to be working with The Dead Daisies and the Spitfire Music team to keep rock and roll alive and well! The Dead Daisies are on the road overseas once again this fall, but we’re happy to hook you up with anything you may need to get this video into your programming. For more information please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info.

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