Twelve24 "Nobody But You"

Twelve24, Josh Mellor, Carrick Botto, Nick Manshon, Sherwyn Lynch, Eugene Rabe
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October 15, 2015


Hailing from three different continents, Twelve24 are as global as their sound. A fusion of feel-good pop, euphoric dance and technical rap, their music transcends borders, sounding as fresh anywhere on the planet as it does in their home town of Manchester, UK. Their previous video for “Higher” was a dynamic hit, reaching programmers left and right and even earning top honors in the mtvU Freshmen, giving it a coveted spot in mtvU rotation! It’s a hard feat to top, but with their brand new single for “Nobody But You,” they are poised to blow all expectations out of the water. It is the 3rd single from their Brand new album From The Ground Up. As part of “Twelve24 month” (something the band do most months) on the 12th October they launched their new album with a huge concert at the prestigious Ritz venue in their hometown, Manchester. `The event was a huge success, almost selling the venue out despite doing the whole thing completely independently. From The Ground Up will be released digitally on 24th October on all good digital download outlets worldwide. Today we bring you the propulsive new music video from this amazing album!

It’s no wonder that the band has spent the last six years building a loyal fanbase on stages from Manchester schools to arenas around the world. As well as playing every corner of the UK, they have performed in Denmark, Finland, France, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.

TWELVE24’s music has scored comparisons to Macklemore (for his deep lyrical content and independence) and Calvin Harris (for his euphoric dance style). But ultimately, the band’s sound is entirely their own. They are fiercely protective of their artistic vision, writing and producing all their tracks themselves, with the help of a close team of studio collaborators. Their music is not only catchy and ‘feel-good’ but is informed by their personal stories and a positive, inspiring message refined by years of touring high schools.

“Nobody But You” is a video that is absolutely full of life and energy. The video starts with the trio, dressed all in white, high atop one of the 7 wonders of the world, Table Mountain, overlooking Capetown, South Africa.. They’re feeling alive as they look down from up high and the way the music moves them is apparent in their interaction. But a song like this deserves to be heard by the masses, so the video quickly moves down onto the streets and rooftops of the city. The group rarely stops to catch their breath as they trade off verses and choruses between them. A quick shot of Christina on the white sands of the beach, and it’s quickly back to the rooftops. The cuts are quick and the action is fast, and it all comes together to be the perfect visual compliment to this uplifting and fiendishly delightful song!

It’s with much excitement that we bring you more great music from Twelve24! This is a group that has captured our attention and we’re excited to be a part of their journey! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at for more info. You can also visit

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