Anana Kaye “Carolina”

Anana Kaye & Irakli GabrielArtist:
Anana Kaye, Irakli Gabriel
Add Date:
December 22, 2016


With the previous video for “Ain’t Dead Yet,” the stellar duo of Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel presented us with a black and white, retro-inspired video video pulled straight from the silent film era. For their newest offering, “Carolina,” they’ve flipped the script and saturated the screen with a full palette of colors and emotions.

The common thread between the two, of course, is the mesmerizing sonic spectrum they’ve crafted. Straight from their newest release, Sentient, “Carolina” has the signature guitar work of Irakli, which is always a guitar player’s dream to soak in and analyze just how he makes it sing with such beauty! On top of it all is Anana’s unmistakable knack for crafting prolific, hook-laden melodies to deliverable the always meaningful and relatable lyrics that both members of this team contribute.

“Carolina” is an immersive, airy video full of a vibrant colors, soft focus, and thought-provoking cinematography. The clip follows the subject of the video, Carolina (portrayed by Jacque Ryal of RYAL), as she quietly pushes through her day. By the look on her face it would appear that she’d rather not put in the effort. Even the living rag doll version of Anana that she conjures up in her dreams evokes a certain sadness. Despite the weight she carries, the message of Anana is what really matters…”We’ll get through this.” Maybe today isn’t her day, but tomorrow will be here soon enough.

The video also sprinkles in shots of Anana and Irakli serenading the camera with a magnetic presence. These NYC locals self-shot and directed the video and knew all the right shots to grab. Whether it be Carolina in a nondescript apartment window, the rag doll exploring the Little Red Lighthouse beneath the George Washington Bridge, or a performance on the waterfront along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side (which also includes a guest guitar solo by Sam Feldman), each shot is meticulously chosen and shot for maximum effect.

“Carolina” is such a wonderful video that can be enjoyed by viewers and programmers of all sides of the musical landscape, and we do hope that it finds a place in your programming. Should you need anything at all to make that happen, please don’t hesitate to contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email You can also visit for more info on Anana Kaye.

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