Bob Pressner "Be Yourself"

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Kurt J. Zendzian
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September 30, 2015


Eight years before the events of 9/11, the World Trade Center in New York City was the scene of another bombing. Though the events of February 26, 1993 are not as vividly remembered, many of those who wre there felt the same profound sense of change in their lives as those in 2001. Among them was Bob Pressner. At the time a successful commodities trader, Pressner decided then and there that he would leave it all behind and pursue his first, true love; music. On his brand new single for “Be Yourself,” the love of music flows in abundance, bringing listeners of all walks of life together for a simple message with a global impact.

Fast forward to now and you have Bob Pressner, an artist whose journey has taken him to Colorado to study with a Tibetan monk, as well as being taken under the wing of the great American poet Allen Ginsberg, for starters. From the outset he sought to create the music that came natural to him, and the music that has caught on because he’s offering something that listeners crave: music with meaning. Cue up his viral single “King of Nothing” and you’ll see that the video has accrued over 20 million views and counting. On his new album, Everyman, Pressener is taking his artistry to the next level. A captivating mix of classic rock and Americana, Everyman offers more of what’s made this artist one of the most sought-after among a wide demographic of YouTubers, as well as the star of his own Comcast on-demand TV concert. 

Bob has clearly lived a long and fruitful life, so much to really appreciate the beauty in the simple things in life. For the “Be Yourself” video, Bob takes a very simple concept and turns it into an inviting and effective message. For the video, it simply has Bob seated on a couch in the middle of a lush green field, surrounded by a dense forest landscape. If you close your eyes, you can just feel the cool autumn air breezing of your skin as Bob serenades the camera. It welcomes everyone with open arms, and one lady in particular takes advantage of that invitation as she slowly makes her way over to Bob, cozying up next to him. Everybody is just being themselves and wouldn’t you know, it really is the key to finding happiness!

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