Caustic Method "The Virus"

Caustic MethodArtist:
Jesse Conti
Add Date:
May 25, 2015


Keep calm and get infected. Those are the words that splash across the Caustic Method website. While most trends about infection and virus tend to lean towards some sort of a worldwide apocalyptic outbreak, “The Virus” video is a much more frightening take on the story of virus vs. immune system. Get ready to get your skull rattled and your nerves shaken in this sinister new clip!

Many bands try to water down their aggression in order to fit the perception of being “radio-friendly” or “accessible,” but Syracuse’s Caustic Method proudly proclaims themselves to be “100% Pure American Metal! Filling the void in modern metal with raw, unapologetic aggression and passing, without the trend hopping bullshit.” Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! On their new album The Virus, they serve up 10 tracks of unrelenting power, showing the chops and the skills that have landed them opening spots for bands such as Hatebreed, American Head Charge, OTEP and countless others. The album will be released on June 2nd on Pavement Entertainment, and today we’re psyched to bring you the first single and new video for “The Virus.”

A scientist, shunned by his colleagues, takes refuge in an abandoned warehouse where he continues his experiments on the very individuals who drove him away. Both scientist and victim are portrayed with a healthy amount of conviction, allowing the viewer to tap into the fear of the recipient and the callousness of the administrator. Not much of an explanation is given for this brutal human experiment other than “you’re all the same. You think this about money? Soon you’ll see.” The experiment goes horribly wrong and what was intended to be a controlled experiment will soon be unleashed onto the outside world. Equal parts heavy metal and sci-fi horror, this video is a sizzling piece of cinema! 

We’re thrilled to continue to work with the good folks at Pavement Entertainment to bring you the very best in hard rock and heavy metal. We would love to hook you up with a copy of The Virus, so please get in touch and let us know if you or your viewers would like to get a copy! You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .

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