Charlie B. ft. Los “Make You Proud”

Charlie BArtist:
Jeff Adair
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June 25, 2012


A passion within one’s soul can be so strong that it can take hold of the entirety of their dreams. Take Charlie B, for instance—his entire being revolves around the fact that he will never give up on his dreams. Here at HIP Video Promo we believe that this artist is truly remarkable, being that he holds the power of music within his characteristics. However, it is with his style and grace that we as music listeners can grasp on to our own dreams and find self-confidence through the music of Charlie B.

Brett Nevelle Collins, a.k.a. Charlie B, has had an unstoppable passion since the age of seven when he had his first major performance in front of a live audience of over one thousand students at a local university. He received a standing ovation for his moon walking ability across the stage, and it was clear that this was the start of something huge for this entertainer. He has been surrounding himself with talented dancers and producers since high school, where he picked up his driven power of choreography. On a more personal note, Charlie B had lost his mother at the age of sixteen, which prompted him to focus on the dream he so wished to fulfill. It was this difficult hurdle that inspired him to name his new EP Dreams Come True and to also donate 100% of the proceeds from the new “Make You Proud” single to A Caring Hand, which provides therapy and education assistance to children who have lost a parent. It’s rare to see any artist strive to make such a difference, and it’s even more touching to see it come from someone as young as Charlie B.

Charlie B has lived in the Dallas area for the last two years; in that time, he has managed to make a big name for himself locally and nationally. In March 2010, he signed with Collins Management Group and within two months released his first single called “Merry Go” independently, which received nearly one thousand spins a week on radio waves for nearly two months. Within the first 18 months of Charlie B’s career, he managed to garner a ton of major label attention, and received multiple offers; however, In January 2011 Charlie B signed with CMG/Bungalo/Universal Records, an independent record label based in Dallas, Texas. He followed this up with the release of “Live It Up” in April 2011, which received major club and radio play across the nation. The single managed to draw attention by some of the nation’s largest djs and radio stations including Clinton Sparks and Boston’s JAMN 94.5FM.

In his new video for “Make You Proud,” we see all of the above angles of Charlie B’s character and personality traits. It is clear that he is a doting son, and his family life is an important aspect in regards to achieving his goals and reaching his dreams. The video is heart warming, and the song is a curious mixture of the modern beats of Chris Brown and Lupe Fiasco. “Make You Proud” is a song about showing your family and every one who believes in you that you’ll never give up on a life long dream—that is exactly what Charlie B is doing, and his work is an inspiration for any one on the music scene.

Artists that turn their negativity into positive reactions are what make music inspiring. With modern issues such as bullying, it is hard for someone young to find music that they can actually lean on. However, Charlie B’s motivational lyrics and powerful demeanor can make any feel like they can make a difference. We’re here to hook you up with copies of the new Dreams Come True EP, so please don’t hesitate to be in touch!