Chuck Ragan “Something May Catch Fire”

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Dannel Escallón
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April 23, 2014


When legendary Gainesville, FL punk-rock outfit Hot Water Music was put on the backburner in 2006 so that the members could explore other musical projects, legions of dedicated fans waited with bated breath. To everyone’s delight, nerves quickly evolved into excitement and satisfaction when iconoclastic lead singer/songwriter, Chuck Ragan, revealed his high emotion, Americana-leaning solo venture. Trading in the heavy, trademark HWM electric guitars, amps and distortion pedals, Ragan embraced a decidedly lower key, acoustic guitar-driven, Roots-y style, tastefully layered in pedal steel, violin, and of course, his much adored, beautifully rough, vocals. Ragan’s more Earthy, heart-on-his-sleeve approach to music is thoroughly captivating and manages to connect with listeners as profoundly as the music he’s been most well-known for… HIP Video Promo is proud to present “Something May Catch Fire.”

At its core, the song is a proclamation of his commitment to the act of love. Luckily, for Ragan, it’s not hard to find motivation: “I feel very blessed and lucky-as-can-be to have a wonderful woman in my corner that’s worth fighting for.” Ragan continues: “It’s easy to find inspiration when you’re with someone you fall in love with over and over again throughout your lives.” “Something May Catch Fire” is off Ragan’s well-received, Christopher Thorn-produced fourth record, Till Midnight. The album, courtesy of fan-favorite, SideOneDummy, features a number of notable guest vocalists, including Ben Nichols of Lucero, Dave Hause of The Loved Ones, Jenny O., and Chad Price and John Snodgrass of Drag The River. Among the massive love that record has received includes a 4 out of 5 star rating from Alternative Press Magazine and 90 out of 100 from The critics agree, the album is a must-listen.

The gorgeously shot, Dannel Escallón-directed (Miguel, Rod Stewart) video follows a boy and girl, best friends who play and grow up together, eventually becoming each others true love. Escallón exquisitely exhibits the wonderful beauty of young, innocent love. Ragan agrees: “I felt they captured an essence of love that we all have either known ourselves or have dreamed of knowing one day.”

Throughout his solo venturing, Chuck Ragan started a legitimate movement that has brought positive change to many people around the country. Fully embracing the folk music philosophy and aesthetic, Ragan launched The Revival Tour in 2008, an acoustic collaboration event, where his aim has been to bring the original folk music spirit back; the spirit of giving and openness. Over the years the tour has seen great success, inviting musicians like Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon, the Loved Ones’ Dave Hause, the Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano, Avail’s Tim Barry, Lucero’s Ben Nichols, to name a few, all performing with a major focus on comradery, brotherhood, and most importantly giving back to communities in need (money and instrument donations), ecological accountability and more. Seven years in, the tour continues to go strong.

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