Contact "Fascination Shadow"

Zakk Bates
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September 3, 2015


Part new-wave, part shoe-gaze, Contact is a band that is very much an evolution for its members. Principal songwriters Sarah Graziani and Matt Rhoades established themselves as the main contributors to And Then There Were None, where they saw the highs and lows of a successful music career. When the time came for the next chapter in their careers, Contact was born and quickly signed to Doghouse Records, who will be releasing their new EP Sleepwalk Into The Dark. The lead single for “Fascination Shadow” blends their pop songwriting prowess, and infuses it with their raw musical instinct to create something bold and brave.

At its core, Contact’s new album is a collection of ten songs that are reflections on the struggle of choosing to be an artist. The ten-song album features Graziani’s unique vocal rasp dreamily floating over Rhoades’ intricate electronic soundscapes. According to Graziani “This album means a lot to Matt and I because it was a big departure for us when we began the writing process… we kind of had to re-learn to follow our instincts and to write from the heart.”

For their first single, “Fascination Shadow,” the band has delivered a monster. Graziani’s vocals are delicate and balanced in the verses and with the rest of the band providing the fuel, the choruses absolutely explode. The accompanying video shows the band performing in an empty white space, but this is much more than a simple black and white video. Director Zakk Bates uses a tasteful variety of visual tricks that keeps the viewer on their toes. Whether it be a flashing sequence of wardrobes or a mild distortion of reality, it’s all totally seamless and beautifully executed.

All of here at HIP Video Promo are very pleased to be working with the Doghouse Records team once again. They’ve brought us many exceptional releases over the years and we can say with absolute confidence that Contact continues to carry that torch. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at for more info. You can also visit and

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