Dante “Walk It”

Andrei Schwartz & Sam Jones
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June 11, 2013


The hip-hop music industry is inundated with emerging rappers and emcees, and it is sometimes easy for an artist on the rise to become jaded when introduced as a new rapper—not for this female hip-hop artist, Dante, who takes her music to an entirely new level. With witty rhymes, slick punch lines, an extremely polished flow and melodic voice, she captivates her audience with her raw and intense flavorful songs. HIP Video Promo introduces “Walk It,” a video clip that characterizes the organic nature of this emerging hip-hop artist.

Dante’s music is influenced by a variety of genres such as rock, pop, and jazz, and when listening to her voice, this becomes quite evident. Her “ability to glide over a beat is uncanny—with a flow that is unmatched and a thing of beauty.” She has had the opportunity to work alongside fellow artists like Lil Mama, and was the opener for Trey Songz at a performance in Virginia, not to mention the countless showcases she has won locally in New York and internationally.

Most recently, Dante has worked with one of the more prestigious producers in hip-hop today, Dot Da Genius. Dot—a Grammy nominated producer who was responsible for Kid Cud’s Day N’ Nite and WZRD album—has lent his skill to “Walk It”, the first single from her upcoming release Nevermore. In her latest clip “Walk It,” Dante says it like it is and shows her audience just how bold her personality really is.

Full of dark images, like creepy scorpions, “Walk It” follows Dante’s journey into night. Throughout the song, she explains how she is not like other girls, and how most are really just interested in sex. However, what she captures is her own personality right down to the bone, paying attention to her flawless characteristics. As Dante “walks it” in the video, we get a glimpse into her interests and her intense need to speak up.

“Walk It” is full of everything that we have come to love from a tried and true artist and it all comes together to capture the true nature of Dante as an artist. For more information on this exciting hip-hop talent, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at(732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.MajorTheory.com for more info.

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