Sunday Driver “Forever Again”

Sunday DriverArtist:
Zach Merck
Add Date:
May 5, 2003


As major labels struggle to stay profitable, it’s the indie labels that are thriving these days. Many of these small labels pulling in the cash (and musical accolades) are merely youthful and enthusiastic early twenty-somethings with a strong DIY work ethic and remarkable word-of-mouth support system. It’s no surprise that a label like Ohio based Doghouse Records, the original champions of overnight sensations The All-American Rejects (the Rejects sold 40,000 units on Doghouse before they made the move to Dreamworks), are deservedly well respected when it comes to introducing new talent. Sunday Driver are the next band up to bat on the Doghouse Records playing field and this Miami-based crunchy rock quartet has turned heads with their combination of super catchy melodies, stellar production and rock solid musicianship.

Sunday Driver write songs that stick in your head and that show great prowess in the art of expunging one’s guts for public display. Not nearly as “poppy” at their more famous labelmates, the band’s new CD, A Letter to Bryson City may not sell 500,000 copies as quickly as The All-American Rejects, but the record is chock full of intense, tightly woven odes to lost love and broken dreams. This is a new CD that is completely worthy of your attention.

Up and comer Zach Merck (Dropkick Murphys, Blindside, Shadows Fall) was tapped to direct “Forever Again,” the debut video from Sunday Driver and first single. The song is aggressive, punchy and the upbeat clip displays the band performing live in front of huge satellite dishes. All the time a wandering astronaut seeks out a scantily clad hot chick that is a certain love interest of all involved (even Chad Gilbert, guitarist from fellow Floridians New Found Glory makes a cameo just to gaze upon her loveliness)!

Any programmer that plans to add the Sunday Driver “Forever Again” video for the CVC add dates of May 2nd and May 5th will receive a cool Doghouse Records shoulder bag, just in time to make the trip to New York City for the 3rd annual CVC Conference and Seminar. The best part is that each knapsack will be filled will Doghouse Records merch including All-American Rejects goodies, copies of the new CD from Sunday Driver, t-shirts, buttons, stickers, Doghouse Records samplers and more. To find out more about Doghouse Records and for all your Sunday Driver needs prior to the conference, contact Andy Gesner at HIP Video at 732-613-1779, or e-mail