Elise Harper “Bartender Therapy”

Elise Harper
“Bartender Therapy”
Add date – 5/14/2024

About Elise Harper

Born in the rainy delta of Memphis and raised on a musical diet of country, gospel, and pop, Elise Harper stands tall despite her petite stature of a mere 4’11. Even before she could talk, she was “performing” from her car seat in the back of a Buick. It was clear, even then, that she was destined to be on the stage. In the Fall of 2015, Elise made her way to Nashville to begin her professional journey and to find her footing on the path to a career in music. Possessing a remarkably emotive voice, she emerged as a force to be reckoned with within “Music City”. Elise Parker transitioned from focusing primarily on vocals to embracing songwriting, symbolizing a profound evolution in her artistic journey. As she delved deeper into the world of songcraft and with meaningful connections along the way, she discovered a newfound passion for songwriting. She is a natural storyteller, able to transport her listeners with her honest, heartfelt songwriting, and powerful delivery.

Elise’s path to stardom is marked by remarkable achievements that showcase her talent and unwavering commitment. From sharing stages with renowned artists like Chris Janson, Sara Evans, Michael Ray, and Filmore to joining forces with Jimmie Allen, CMA 2021 New Artist of the Year, Elise consistently proves that she is destined for the next level. Her journey is far from over, and the world eagerly awaits what she’ll do next.

About “Bartender Therapy”

“Bartender Therapy” is by far the most classic country tune Elise has produced. Written by Elise Harper, Sarah Jones, Jason Lane, and Craig Wilson. The acoustic guitar, piano, and percussion introduce a heartfelt and relatable song. When the kiss of pedal steel enters the mix, listeners instantly feel they are sitting in a dive bar with a broken heart ready to drown their sorrows. Elise’s mellow, evocative voice and stirring lyrics will pull at music lovers’ heartstrings and arouse strong memories. Unexpectedly, Craig passed away in March of 2023. Craig, known for his exceptional songwriting talents, cherished “Bartender Therapy” as one of his favorites. Together, they had dreamed of creating a music video for the song, a dream that Elise fulfilled in the loving memory of her musical kindred spirit.

About the “Bartender Therapy” Music Video

“Bartender Therapy” is a well crafted, fully realized music video that dives into the emotional journey of a young woman as she navigates love. Set against the backdrop of a bustling bar and intimate therapy sessions, the story follows the protagonist’s evolution from moments of vulnerability to eventual empowerment. Through compelling visual storytelling and relatable character development, the short film invites audiences to empathize with the protagonist’s experiences and reflect on their own relationships and personal growth. With its universal themes, engaging narrative and ability to “give voice to the voiceless”, “Bartender Therapy” promises to resonate deeply with viewers!

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