FLINTface “Ready For It”

Christopher Gabello
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June 6, 2013


Joe Scorsone, the inspirational artist also known as FLINTface, resides on a simple farm in the mountains of Pennsylvania, not far from the skylines of both Philly and New York. It’s an idyllic home for FLINTface, whose musical message soulfully weaves hopeful tales of the complex paths, trials and ordeals of life, and how we as people can summon the inner strength to triumph in the face of adversity. FLINTface’s background can be traced to the rowhouse-lined streets of West Philadelphia, an area long in transition where the embers of racial tension are still warm. There, Joe was raised in a religious household, and that spiritual upbringing is reflected in the name FLINTface, which is a biblical reference to strength and endurance. Like so many singers born in the City of Brotherly Love, Joe sang spirituals from the time he learned to walk – the only difference was that Joe was the minority white kid in the ‘hood.

Joe is a survivor of both abuse and bullying, which set his formative years on a dark course of insecurity and depression. As an escape, Joe gravitated to the drums, finding solace in the healing powers of music. This passion grew in his teens, when he extended into urban R&B and Hip Hop, then onto sounds as disparate as extreme metal and even Woodstock-era melodic jams. Joe relocated to the mountains, where in his dual role as both vocalist and drummer an early live incarnation of FLINTface was formed. Teeming with endless energy, Joe thrived on live shows, becoming quite the charismatic showman replete with blindfolded percussion antics supported by crowd-thrilling stage dancers. FLINTface’s spiritual yet never preachy message is one of compassion for those that feel misplaced and mistreated because he is one of them, sharing his empathetic story at every gig. As he once said, “there’s so many people out there with a similar story and we need to carry each other!”

The new music video for “Ready For It” is a culmination of the FLINTface story so far, showing him wandering the streets of NYC, guitar in hand, living the life of a vagabond. Sleeping in cardboard boxes and showering in public restrooms would break most people’s spirit, but FLINTface takes it all in stride. The mood is sad, but still confident that things are going to change for the better. Scorsone’s live performance is interspersed, which after seeing the natural talent may be why the future still has hope. Things start to improve when he seats himself on a park bench and breaks out his guitar for anyone and everyone who will listen. And listen they do!

With riveting songs and an explosive live show, FLINTface delivers a powerful and compassionate message rarely witnessed in music these days. It’s a message the world needs to hear. If you need more info on FLINTface, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at(732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.FLINTface.com for more info.

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