Fury In The Temple “Test Of Faith”

Fury In The TempleArtist:
Dmitri Antos & Phillip Harvey
Add Date:
February 23, 2012


It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP crew bringing a good old fashioned dose of heavy metal! From directors Dmitri Antos and Phillip Harvey, Magmata Records presents a new video from an extremely talented face-melting group of musicians, Fury in the Temple. The self-titled album consists of elements that can be familiarized with popular metal and alternative-rock bands, such as Alice in Chains and A Perfect Circle. Their debut single and video for “Test of Faith” not only delivers such an exquisite and unique style, but it revisits the classic styles, like those of Black Sabbath, which we love to encounter every so often. With influences that are apparent, but with a strong manner of their own, Fury in the Temple excites and mesmerizes our musical interests from the very start.

The dark elements of their music are easily noticed, but there is a sultry vibe to the vocals that make the music of Fury in the Temple alluring. Complete with a band consisting of three guitars, bass, and drums, these musicians release substantial meanings that are adequate to describing certain depths of metal music. For instance, it is clear with every hook of their songs that they are steering away from current pop music and creating a style of their own. Although they may be compared to the likes of many metal bands, there is a certain amount of precision and motivation that exists within this band’s music. Judging from their hunger to create a sound that will ultimately tear up stages across the country, Fury in the Temple is a strong and unique type of band that is not afraid to completely rock your socks off!

In their video for “Test of Faith,” we see a side of these musicians that enchants a feeling that is like no other. Set in a dark and gloomy abandoned hospital, we see scenes that are somewhat cryptic and arcane, yet there are hints of sincerity that exist within the lyrics: “Blinded by this test of faith before me/ set my soul free.” The lyrics yearn for something to believe in, which is relatable to every one. We are sidetracked every day by questions of faith, and “Test of Faith,” is merely a reaction to what we as people deal with on a daily basis. It suggests comfort in our minds, and Fury in the Temple does that through their charismatic ways of delivering music that sets our souls at ease. On the other hand, we can see that these musicians love performing. Through their stylistic behavior of head banging, we are brought back to a time when rocking out was considered badass and metal music was complete rock. Thanks to Fury in the Temple, we can rely on the rhythm of guitars and the beat of the drums to take us to a land of extreme rocking.

Through the years we have seen many bands that will either leave us in wonder or walk away not making any impressions on us at all. With Fury in the Temple, we see a side of rock and roll that delivers contemporary rock music that is based upon the influence of classic metal music. “Test of Faith” not only delivers elements of successful rocking, but it keeps our thoughts on the ideas of religion and life in general at ease. For more info you can contact Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com .



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