Grace Nation “Vroom”

Grace NationArtist:
EZ from Rec Squad
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December 19, 2012


Grace Nation combines cultural elements with a touch of bilingual hip-hop and R&B aspects in their latest video release for “Vroom.” As the first single off the highly acclaimed album titled The Great Awakening, “Vroom” has been receiving high recognition and vast amounts of praise from music listeners all over the world. HIP Video Promo presents a clip that is hard to miss, containing raw energy and intense hip-hop infused choruses that guarantee success. The eccentricity and energetic feels that exist in “Vroom” captivate and entertain all music lovers of the hip-hop and R&B genres.

Grace Nation have classified their sounds as mainstream hip-hop and pop, and their captivating live performances are full of such ferocious energy that keeps fans of Grace Nation wanting more. The group is a refreshing new sound in music and recently debuted their first album in creative collaboration together since their forming, The Great Awakening. The album dropped in early November and included tracks that gave this album natural “mixtape” qualities.

The album has impacted North American fans, as well as Latin Americans in ways that define Grace Nation’s musical capabilities. The raw and fluid album The Great Awakeningincludes tracks that will blow your mind. The songs blend together to make this a bilingual English/Spanish album, allowing for a mix of cultural music fans. Tracks such as “In the Air” and “You and Me” maintain the inevitable energies that make up the sounds of Grace Nation, and display their diverse sounds of hip-hop anthems and smooth R&B jams. The first single off The Great Awakening titled “Vroom” was an instant hit and created a momentum leading up to the release of the album. Without further adieu, HIP Video Promo presents the first video clip for the new global sensation, Grace Nation.

“Vroom” includes scenes that contain the highly enthusiastic musicians that make up Grace Nation. As viewers, we are approached by the catchy and inspiring chorus “And if you with me / put your hands up.” This bilingual song, which includes verses in both English and Spanish, echo the elements of both hip-hop anthems and radio-friendly pop songs. However, the raw energetic vibe of “Vroom” never dissipates—from beginning to end, you will feel the strong commitment that exists within the musicians of Grace Nation. The video, directed by EZ from REC SQUAD, teamed up with Grace Nation and crafted a powerfully driven video that emanates success and commitment.

“Vroom” is a song that in itself contains a multitude of contemporary sounds. With the release of their first debut albumThe Great Awakening, it won’t be long before the culturally infused music of Grace Nation hits your speakers. For more information on these artists, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more information on Grace Nation.