HIP Picks: New Videos from Baker Grace, OBAS & Rick Ross, and more | 3/8/2021

New This Week: "Be OK" music video from Baker Grace, plus new music videos from OBAS & Rick Ross, Stizee, Herstory, Kam Dutchie, Keelie Walker, and Nick Hawk

In the spirit of International Women's Day, we're proud to be championing many wonderful female artists here at HIP! No matter the genre, it's exciting sharing videos that tell a grand story and pack a powerful punch. It's a great day to check out new music, and our newest HIP Picks - Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.

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"Be OK" Music Video: Baker Grace (Pop/indie)

NJ pop singer-songwriter Baker Grace's 2019 EP Girl, I know was a harbinger of pop's turn toward frankness. She's followed that up with "Be OK". The "Be OK" clip sees her join forces with another young female artist with plenty to say: actor, director, and writer Chloé Aktas, who is best known for her recurring role on The Walking Dead, but is also an accomplished filmmaker: her short film Lance (in a Neck Brace) went to Sundance in 2020 and was featured in Indie Wire.

"HUG THE STREETS REMIX" Music Video: OBAS & Rick Ross (Hip-hop)

Rapper OBAS spent part of his childhood in Haiti and his adolescence in Danbury, CT (he's still based in the state). He's teamed up with legendary rapper Rick Ross for the "Hug The Streets Remix" track and video. The clip, directed by @itsWam- We Are Movies, shows OBAS and Rick Ross on the electrified streets of Miami after dark, with some outrageously eye-popping cars.

"Wave" Music Video: Stizee (Hip-hop/pop)

Coventry, England native Stizee takes great pride in his roots; he finished out 2019 touring the UK with TULU (The Underground Link Up) and his collective, WTO, and also appeared on British rapper Pa Salieu’s debut mixtape, Send Them to Coventry. His new single "Wave" was produced by BlakSeed, a trio of Zimbabwean and Congolese artists who fuse African elements and UK influences in their production. The "Wave" video (directed by Overdaux Erik) gives viewer a glimpse behind-the-scenes of a trendy photo shoot.

"My Time" Music Video: Herstory (Pop)

Brought together by executive producer #TEAMJOHNHILL, powerhouse girl group HERSTORY - Dhniera Blu, Arielle K, and Mandy A - is made up of three Chicago starlets who come from different paths but share a common goal: telling history from a female perspective, and empowering all women. HERSTORY's new music video "My Time" (directed by Robert Yanik Jr.) makes it evident that they prioritize surrounding themselves with people and places that are only going to build them up.

"Pain" Music Video: Kam Dutchie (Rap/hip-hop)

Bradley Cowens Jr., better known as Kam Dutchie, grew up amongst the Atlanta illicitness; after graduating in 2010, he dove headfirst into conceptualizing his perfect fusion of trap and hip-hop. Past single "Bout A Check", from his debut album From da Struggle to the Hustle, brought him radio airplay love, features on Coast 2 Coast mixtapes, and a viral SoundCloud play. His newest single and video from the album is "Pain"; the video, which he directed himself, doesn't stray from his backstory, both visually and lyrically.

"Girls Night" Music Video: Keelie Walker (Pop)

When Keelie Walker was 14, she was opening up for Jason Derulo, West Life, and Little Mix on LM5: The Tour! – but like most teens, the now-17-year-old is still figuring herself out. She's bee featured by BBC’s playlist show, Heat Magazine, and Shout Magazine and has received tons of radio love from BBC, Kiss Fm, and Bauer; she's also garnered over one million streams on Spotify. Keelie was also among the youngest to perform at Wembley Arena – a monumental note to add to her early career wins. Her newest single "Girls Night" (produced by Brian “Yung Ladd” Pickens [Lil Wayne, Young Thug], Lambert “Stereo” Waldrip [Zendaya, Mya], and Xcellence [Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa]) is all about having fun and not giving a damn what others say - and the video (directed by K.C. Amos) shows Keelie and her girlfriends living their absolute best life.

"You Can't Talk As Much S**t As Me" Music Video: Nick Hawk (Rap/electronic/rock)

Nick Hawk was a breakout star on Showtime's Gigolos; he's a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt and world champion, an Air Force vet, and author of 100 Kicks in the Ass. He has 15 singles under his belt, and his music has been featured on Eminem’s Shade 45 “The All Out Show”; he also freestyled on 50 Cent’s “This Is 50” show and wrote a song for and co-starred in the movie American Justice, not to mention he has performed at The Palms and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The video for "You Can't Talk As Much S**t" (which Nick Hawk directed) was shot on Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas, showing us the breathtaking backdrop of Las Vegas and Lake Mead - Hawk's very own backyard.

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