Jaafar “You Got Me Good”

Carlos Gutierrez
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July 16, 2013


The power of music of knows no geographical limits, and the new video for “You Got Me Good” by Jaafar is a true testament. How does a boy born and raised in Amman, Jordan acquire such a knack for writing memorable, catchy, infectious, contagious (we could keep going….) pop songs? Like millions others, he learned it from the masters, The Beatles. But he didn’t just scrape the surface of pop rock music, he immersed himself in other classics like Damn The Torpedoes by Tom Petty, Elvis Presley, The Police and many more. In 2009, at the ripe young age of 19, Jaafar moved from Jordan to the US to pursue his music and that move has paid off in droves.

He quickly set up shop in the Miami area and has not missed a beat since. Not only has he been well versed in the classics but he also has his finger on the pulse of contemporary music, citing artists like Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Shellback and more as his modern influences and “songwriting heroes”. He’s not afraid to channel the past but bring it into the present with radio-friendly production and injecting a sense of excitement and wonder. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the new single “You Got Me Good”. The verses have the vocal swagger of Julian Casablanca over top of a Costello-esque pop feel, and once the chorus kicks in it’s like McCartney on steroids. Upbeat and uptempo, Jaafar’s flawless vocals are on full display as he pleads to the subject on the other end “Where you going? Come back!”

It all comes to life in the video for “You Got Me Good”. For an artist so deeply entrenched in many of the best elements of classic pop, it’s only natural that the video feels like it comes straight out of 1950’s American cinema. Set in a chrome-filled diner, Jaafar rolls up in a vintage sports car like a modern-day James Dean, and takes a seat inside. He is instantly captured by the female several booths down, who is donning a splendid wardrobe the blends the simplicity of the farmer’s daughter and the sass and sexiness of Betty Page. It’s a flirtatious game of cat and mouse between the two, with Jaafar never being afraid to put himself out there for her to review. His charm and substance are apparent and the only question remaining as he serenades her is whether he will win her over or if she’ll leave him holding the check. Tune in to find out!

Jaafar states on his website “I am not the bad guy from Aladdin”, and we can vouch that on the contrary he is one of the most genuine and pleasant individuals we know of. He’s constantly hard at work on new music and live shows, and we want to do anything we can to help get his video into YOUR programming. For more info, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.IAmJaafar.com for more info.

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