Keke Wyatt "Lie Under You"

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Steven Pitts
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August 10, 2015


Keke Wyatt is an artist who has overcome more obstacles in her musical career than we even like to admit. After emerging onto the scene with much fanfare as a part of her collaboration with R&B singer Avant, Keke quickly released her debut album Sista Soul on MCA Records, which was quickly certified gold. From there, she was subjected to the callous nature of an evolving music industry. Bankrupt labels, shelved albums, and everything in between was thrown at her. Fortunately, Keke is a resilient spirit and though the business side of things were turbulent, her creative spirit was never compromised. Today, we are pleased to bring you her most recent single, the luscious and touching “Lie Under You.”

Music has also been an escape and cathartic tool from her own personal hardships. While riding the emotional roller coaster of her early career, she was also the victim of many years of physical abuse at the hands of her then manager/husband. Eventually she left the abusive marriage and relocated to Atlanta. Since then Wyatt has been a spokesperson for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, sharing her experience as a long-term victim of domestic abuse. The strength and conviction in her message and her music is inspiring for anyone who has struggled through their own hardships. 

The best part of Keke’s story is that she has now found herself in a happy, healthy relationship for her and her family. Her new single for “Lie Under You” is an acknowledgment of a love so strong and how like a bottle of wine “you get better with time.” The video for “Lie Under You” is a gorgeous clip set in the countryside, following Keke as she gracefully strolls through the country estate wistfully professing her love and strong emotions. Her presence radiates beauty and confidence, and as a viewer we can’t help but to feel a tug of our own heartstrings and to think about our own loved ones.

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