Kelly Morgan “I Remember PT2”

Kelly Morgan
“I Remember PT2”
Directed by Anchor Films
Add date – 5/13/2024

About Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan‘s journey into music started in her early years, deeply influenced by her grandparents who surrounded her with melodies and harmonies. With a childhood filled with songs from her grandfather and the gentle tunes of her grandmother’s piano, music became an intrinsic part of her life. From elementary school, Kelly harbored dreams of becoming a singer and entertainer, a passion she steadfastly pursued, drawing inspiration from the legendary Whitney Houston.

At just 16, Kelly faced a pivotal moment on the renowned Apollo stage with host Steve Harvey. While the experience brought forward mixed emotions from the audience, Kelly transformed the challenge into motivation, fueling her determination to succeed. This marked the beginning of her journey to “Unhidden,” where she actively sought out various competitions and talent nights, understanding that success does not always come easily, but perseverance and belief are paramount. Despite encountering skepticism from her parents regarding her vision, Kelly remained resolute in her pursuit of happiness and staying true to her dreams.

About “I Remember PT2”

Kelly Morgan holds nothing back when it comes to her brand-new track. The second the listener hits play their hit with a massive, club-like anthem that is sure to get people to the dance floor. Beyond the dance beat lies Kelly’s soulful vocals with just the perfect amount of reverb that is sure to get stuck into fans’ heads. “I Remember PT2” effortlessly meshes the best of today’s smartly crafted pop with the earthy, soulful sonic vibrations of old-school, fully realized R&B music.

About the “I Remember PT2” Music Video

Kelly’s debut music video for “I Remember PT2” was a collaborative effort with a group of friends and enlisted dancers to create a visually striking narrative. Filmed in an Atlanta studio under the direction of Christian (last name), the video aimed to showcase diversity and evoke nostalgia. Working with Christian, the video seamlessly weaves together scenes of reminiscent memories with present-day reflections by including projectors to show the highs and lows of past relationships. Not only did this video mark Kelly’s first official music video but also served as a platform to bring to life the bold message crafted by songwriter 7 Aurelius. Combining elements of pop and R&B, the song embodies a fusion of danceable beats and heartfelt lyrics, representing Kelly’s artistic direction and aspirations

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