Kiravell "Yello Hazy"

Meniyka Kiravell
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June 18, 2015


Kiravell is not your typical musician. Her brand new video and single for “Yello Hazy” is a brilliant combination of genres that straddles the line between pop music, world music, a healthy dose of jazzy lounge music, and a sultry vocal delivery that will leave the most accomplished songstress in awe.

After backpacking around the world, visiting over 40 countries and surfing most ocean coasts, Kiravell had landed in Australia in 2009. And life was good. Until she got struck with the beginnings of a severe illness. She discovered the healing powers of a Bowen Bodywork Treatment, moved into a meditation retreat center, and formed a lifelong appreciation for a holistic lifestyle.

With a renewed sense of direction and focus, Kiravell revitalized her creative energies and settled in San Diego. And with a renewed understanding of the power of music, Kiravell is now focusing her intentions on creating ecstatic music that pleases ones ears and uplifts the soul- sonically and energetically!

Soaking up influences from around the world, Kiravell poured out 9 individual musical pieces of art into an eclectic collection entitled Vaudevellia!. The songs embody the serene exploration of jazz mixed with world music and indie rock. 

When the time came to film her new video for “Yello Hazy,” Kiravell sought to find the perfect balance between captivating energy and a mellow vibe to compliment the song. Thanks to the dancing prowess of Rachel Irelan and the talented Marcus Macfarlane behind the camera, it’s mission accomplished! We see Kiravell strolling the beach on the beautiful and sunny coast, all the while juxtaposed with Irelan on a dark stage as she fluently moves her body with ease and the skills of a lifelong dance artist. It’s a smooth delivery all around, and one that will have you relaxing and reveling in positive energy!

It’s our true pleasure to be working together with Kiravell to bring you this mesmerizing song and video. We are sure you and your viewers will be quick to jump on board, so please let us know what we can do on our end to help make that happen! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info on Kiravell.

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