May Fall “Under Cover”

May Fall
“Under Cover”
Directed by Adam Rabinovich
ReFeel Music Group
Add date – 5/24/2024

About May Fall

Making music since the age of seven, Tel Aviv-based indie/synth/alt-pop artist May Fall is in the midst of a life-long journey to define his perspective through his music. After showcasing his diverse musical talent with his longtime progressive metal band Road to Evenmind and jazz-fusion trio The May Fall Crew, May Fall once again returns to explore the electronic music realm with his own synthesizer-driven venture – perhaps a shift that should have been anticipated, being a longtime synthesizer enthusiast and fan of 70s and 80s synth heroes. In his new EP, May Fall seamlessly integrates introspective themes with harmonic complexity cleverly woven into an infectious groove, offering listeners a unique blend of emotional depth and sonic innovation.

About “Under Cover”

“Under Cover” confronts the challenge of keeping up appearances while dealing with hidden struggles, exploring the dissonance between the turbulence experienced inside and the efforts needed to suppress it and create the false impression of being in control. May Fall seeks to empathize with the imposter syndrome that many of us experience, sometimes intensifying into a paralysing dread of being exposed. True to his convention-defying style, May Fall demonstrates once again his unique ability to convey profound statements through ear-candy-loaded upbeat electronic music that pays homage to an era of pure analog delight. Fans can look forward to more innovative work from May Fall, with the third single from the upcoming Submerge EP set to be the next release. This song and the forthcoming EP mark a significant milestone in his artistic journey, promising an engaging exploration of personal and universal themes.

About the “Under Cover” Music Video

Much like the song, so does the “Under Cover” music video feature quite unusual visual aesthetics that combine vintage vibes with a modern edge and familiar themes with a defiantly experimental creative videography. Starting with a moment of self-reflection, as May Fall evades the outside into a secluded space, the video follows his journey through the dark and empty streets of Tel Aviv. Shot and co-directed by Adam Rabinovich, the video creates a feeling of alienation and solitude through the gritty urban landscape. On top of that, video artist Roteker poured a plethora of effects, graphics and obscure short clips onto the video, enhancing the feeling of discomfort with a trippy montage that interacts with the underlying video footage and music. With a continuous flow of images, colors and textures that makes each frame look different from the previous one, this video – like the song – needs to be watched multiple times to fully appreciate.

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