Native “What Are You Dylan In My House”

Hannah Rosner
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May 1, 2009


Howdy programming friends, Andy Gesner and the HIP staff here, and we are very excited to bring you this brand new reel of videos from one of our favorite labels, Sargent House! They have scanned the map to find the best of the best and have always been on the forefront of breaking new bands, and it only seemed appropriate that we send you this six video reel to showcase all of the new talent! We’re very fortunate to be able to include Northwest buzz band Native.

The people in the crowd stand around the band in a rough circle; they’re shouting, clapping, hollering. There’s no stage — Native performs in the corner of an unadorned brick room, their quarter-inch cables sprawled all over the floor. Separation between the band and the audience is virtually nonexistent, and enthusiastic fans keep spilling into the performance area. But that’s just how the Indiana quartet likes it: energetic, playful, and egalitarian. The video for “What Are You Dylan In My House” captures the Native spirit in all its explosive color; the footage is raw and immediate, sure, but so is the music.

Stormy, muscular, and kinetic they are, but it would be misleading to call Native anarchic. The quartet plays meticulously crafted and arranged math-rock, discharged with uncommon skill by dedicated musicians. Songs structures might detonate at any moment, but when they do, it’s a planned demolition. The five-minute “What Are You Dylan In My House” is the band at its most representative — sections collide, parts start and stop, high-hats flutter and snares slam, rhythms twist, shift, and stretch to the breaking point. This is progressive music, to be sure, but it also rocks ferociously; more importantly, it keeps the fans dancing.

Their exhilarating stage show has made Native one of the most heralded live bands on the underground circuit. A busy concert schedule (they’ve been on the road nonstop since autumn ’07, sharing stages with, among others, Oceans, Victor! Fix The Sun, and Lights At Sea, and will be co-headlining their own Summer tour with La Dispute ) Native has honed their sound to a menacing sharpness. The “What Are You Dylan In My House” clip represents a typical night out for a most atypical band: flashing lights, a frenzied crowd, and a band at the peak of its powers, giving the song everything they’ve got.

It is always a genuine pleasure to be working with Cathy Pellow, Marc Jetton and Sargent House Records to promote this unique video. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also  to find out more about Native.

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