Palenke Soultribe “Move It”

Palenke SoultribeArtist:
Miguel Navarro
Add Date:
May 8, 2013


Los Angeles’ most vibrant new group Palenke Soultribe is making a name for themselves with their highly contagious electronic music. The music is recognized as an artistic fusion, combining some of the most interesting genres known to date. HIP Video Promo is pleased to be working with such an ambitious group of musicians, and their latest music video “Move It” featuring Naada captivates these bold characteristics in tantalizing ways.

Palenke Soultribe is a live electronic music duo fusing electronic sounds with Afro-Colombian rhythms and melodies. The initial line-up was formed by producer and bassist Juan Diego Borda and keyboardist/producer Andres “Popa” Eraz, but Palenke Soultribe prefers to work as a collective group, inviting guest producers, singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists to their shows to contribute to the production of their albums.

The duo was originally formed in Colombia, but is currently based in sunny Los Angeles. Palenke Soultribe have claimed a spot in the Latin Alternative music world by performing energetic shows, releasing musically interesting albums and remixes, and “always pushing the envelope visually and conceptually.” Opening a multitude of doors for cultural music listeners, this duo is so culturally in tune that it makes their music stand out amongst a vast array of contemporary musicians. Their newest clip “Move It” blends this duo’s appreciation of culture with the hottest new genre within the modern music scene.

Directed by Miguel Navarro and produced by Carlos Osorio, “Move It” collectively presents viewers with the culturally based inspiration of Palenke Soultribe. The song features the artist Naada who adds an element of fervor and energy that make this clip stand out. The video portrays two different extremes as it is packed with images of contemporary city life and then transforms into scenes of a tribal ritual of travel. Watching the scenes of “Move It” transforms viewers to another place in time, and also makes music fans appreciative of the vast array of cultures from our past.

Palenke Soultribe is the contemporary music scene’s hottest addition. From the inspiring scenes of their new video “Move It” to their innovative blend of genres within their music, this duo is a lasting force of energy. Whether you’re calling it pop, electronic, or dance, their music translates and speaks for all cultures and atmospheres. Palenke Soultribe is a wave of dance music craze, and “Move It” defines their ability to create lasting and energetic contemporary music. For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at

Palenke Soultribe