Ray Sytes “Let It Go” / “JukeBox Hero”

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Marcus Aurelius
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March 13, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, Ray Sytes is back with two more top notch clips, solidifying himself as one of the hardest workers in the game! This energetic rapper is at it again as he delivers a fresh sense of commitment to his hard working craft of creating music, all the while entertaining his audiences with a blend of lights and inspiring theatrics. From the highly anticipated and proclaimed album Welcome 2 Guyana, we bring you “Let It Go” featuring Tysa Rose and “JukeBox Hero.”

As a multicultural artist, Ray Sytes has combined his love for music and culture together to create a powerful blend of enlightening beats and hip-hop rooted elements. Experiencing childhood throughout Guyana and then moving to the states at an early age, Sytes picked up on a vast array of influences, heightening his love for music making. His ability to transform contemporary hip-hop beats with his irresistibly transcendental experiences proves to be of utmost importance on his newest album Welcome 2 Guyana. The album offers tracks that include the raw creativity that exists behind this artist and noteworthy singer/songwriter, furthermore combining his cultural upbringing and roots that are contemporarily tied to modern hip-hop music.

Sytes hit home for most music listeners with the introduction of “Can’t Back Down” featuring Anna, which expresses his profound ability to relinquish the hardships of daily life and the extremities that Americans endure in order to keep themselves alive. Here, in his newest and most fresh clips, we experience the energetic and fun-filled side of this artist, and “Let It Go” even features vocals and a small introductory clip by his sister Tysa Rose and her budding musical career. Directed by Marcus Aurelius, the video excites and entertains our senses as scenes of light shows and skin dance upon the screen. The song is on fire and would translate best in a traditional club setting; above all, Tysa Rose’s vocals add a sweet and inspiring atmospheric vibe to this charismatic tune. The clip then surprisingly morphs into an introductory clip for the Tysa Rose song “Heels ‘N Lipstick,” in which Tysa shows the world what she’s got.

The second video clip “JukeBox Hero” includes one of rock n’ roll’s most favorite songs by Foreigner, and throughout the beginning scene we are introduced to the playful side of Ray Sytes. The video captures his idea of fun, including a well-known video game, and the song itself has the essence of a potential anthem. Systes’ lyrics and vocal melodies carry this tune to a whole new level and bring the contemporary hip-hop genre to its highest point.

Ray Sytes has worked with HIP Video Promo throughout a number of his music videos, and “Let It Go” featuring Tysa Rose and “JukeBox Hero” deliver his raw sense of musical ability to the table once more. For more information on this amazing and much admired artist Ray Sytes or his sister, singer/songwriter on the rise Tysa Rose, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at 732-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.RaySytes.com for more info on Ray Sytes and Tysa Rose.

Visit Power Thru Music Visit Ray Sytes
Visit Power Thru Music Visit Ray Sytes

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