Run By The Gun "My Father’s Will"

Run By The GunArtist:
Rey Miranda, Zambia Greene, David Kuettel, Josh Grubbs
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October 6, 2015


Music is art. In the case of Run By The Gun (RBG), music is literally art. Run By The Gun is a transmedia project involving a comic book series, recorded music and live performances to tell the story of a NYC band struggling to succeed on their own terms in a city that eats young and old alike. RBG is the brainchild of Rey Miranda and Zambia Greene, who each bring their own unique perspective and experience to the project.

Rey Miranda and Zambia Greene write the Run By The Gun comic book series. The narrative concentrates on the members of the band named, Run By The Gun, their friends and family, as they navigate their way through a Lower Eastside lifestyle rife with wanton sex, drugs, and rock’n roll.

They have also assembled a live band to record, perform the music live and tour under the Run By The Gun moniker. RBG performed at last year’s NY Super Week with a live showcase. RBG played songs off their first album, Songs From The Little Blue House, and debuted their comic book, Run By The Gun_Issue 3: The Frigate Bird. This year, RBG will celebrate the release of their latest album, a self-titled, six song EP, on October 7th at Le Poisson Rouge, for NY Super Week 2015.

In order to capture the spirit of rock and roll that encompasses the Run By The Gun music, RBG recorded with legendary producer and engineer, Steve Albini, for their latest EP. The first single “My Father’s Will” is loose, dirty, and delightfully heavy. It channels the early punk rock records that hooked Zambia from an early age into a lifetime love of music. Due to the nature of the RBG project, their first music video begged to be an animated story about the characters in the comic books. RBG needed a seasoned animation producer who was be able to work with an extremely tight budget and schedule. Jason Li was their man. Jason works for the TV show Archer. During that show’s hiatus, Jason was able to help RBG produce RBG’s “My Father’s Will” music video, assembling a team of animators, illustrators, script writers, compositors, and artists.

“My Father’s Will” follows Jonah Gunn as he sets out on a haunting journey to find peace in the arms of his romantic desire and artistic muse, Sarah. Jonah’s journey across the desert to Brooklyn mirrors the rough and rocky nature of his relationship with Sarah. Both know the relationship is bad, but both choose to test fate, like that last drink when you know you’ve already had enough – ‘what’s the worst that could happen?!’

We are sincerely pleased and excited to be working in tandem with Rey Miranda, Zambia Greene, and the entire Run By The Gun team in order to bring you this eclectic and ambitious art project. If you are in the NYC area for this year’s NY Super Week, please get in touch with us at HIP Video Promo so we can set you up to see Run By The Gun live at Le Poisson Rouge on Wednesday, October 7th for a DISCOUNTED price! Please contact the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or for more info. You can also visit

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