Sally Anthony “Machine Gun”

Sally AnthonyArtist:
Dana Marshall
Add Date:
May 10, 2011


Hello programmers! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff with a pop anti-princess who has skyrocketed to national fame through clever uses of the internet and a dedicated fan base. Please say hello to Sally Anthony and her high powered new single that will surely shoot right out of the barrel with maximum force – “Machine Gun.” Sally Anthony is still building her name and climbing the charts, though she has already independently accomplished more than most acts ever do without the major push of a label and management, which includes touring with some of the world’s most well-known acts and selling over 750,000 albums and digital tracks!

Sally Anthony has been employing the power of YouTube and various social networking sites to drive her incredible success. She has built a massive fanbase online, which catapulted her 2007 release Goodbyeinto the Top 10 of the Billboard Heatseekers Chart in its first week. The album has also charted for several weeks after the release. Given her massive online following, Sally Anthony also landed at number 16 on the iTunes chart of best-selling albums and has sold over 30,000 copies and 250,000 tracks since her release! The lead single off the record actually reached the Top 100 on the iTunes Pop Chart where it climbed to 2 behind Rihanna’s smash “Umbrella.” Songs from the record were heard on over 125 radio stations across the country. These are no small feats for a girl that won her fans through innovative means. But don’t let this digital mistress deceive you into thinking her fans aren’t dedicated. Sally has over 200,000 members in her street team! All in all, Anthony has sold over over 750,000 albums and digital tracks and toured with Christina Aguilera, Barenaked Ladies, James Taylor, Oasis, The Black Crowes, Chris Isaak, Enrique Iglesias, Tom Petty and several others.

This time around Sally reaches out to her fans once again and asks them to join her in her thunderous rise to stardom. Her new video for “Machine Gun” is a tribute to all her supporters, so much so that the singer has subtracted herself from the equation to let her fans take the spotlight. The video features dozens of fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes singing along to the song using a pre-recorded iPhone video mouth. This formula allows Sally’s loyal fans to become their singer in this sizzling clip. Not only is this combination a great reward to Anthony’s team but makes for a fun watch-through, as cultures and subcultures clash within just a few minutes of footage.

“Machine Gun” is the perfect dance floor anthem, produced by 3x Grammy Award winner Darius “Deezle” Harrison (Lil Wayne “Lollipop” & “Ms. Officer”) the song features a constant kick and synth that is fat enough to tear through a speaker. Featuring vocal hooks galore, this pop number will surely stir a commotion amongst the pop scene. The chorus is as strong as any currently popular radio sensation and the production is heavily laced with enough stereo ear candy to drive an eager listener into an ecstatic frenzy, featuring pops, zings, and crisp machine gun loading samples. This sort of quality provides a clear explanation as to why Sally Anthony is so popular in the mainstream, despite being DIY. It’s punk rock ethics combined with mainstream taste. While this standalone single is picking up steam, “Machine Gun” is already reaching thousands of viewers on YouTube.

We are extremely happy to be given the opportunity to expose an artist that walks the walk, talks the talk, and has enough energy to outshine the sun. We hope you join us in letting the masses discover this sweet morsel of radio ready goodness. We’ve got lots of Sally Anthony stuff here at HIP HQ, so be sure to reach out.

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