Scott Albert Johnson “Invisible”

Scott Albert Johnson
Directed by Scott Albert Johnson
Monkaroo Music
Add date – 5/24/2024

About Scott Albert Johnson

Scott Albert Johnson is a versatile and accomplished musician, known for his mastery of the harmonica, multi-instrumental skills, engaging and powerful vocals, and exceptional songwriting skills. Born in St. Louis and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Johnson’s music is a rich fusion of influences, ranging from rock and jazz to blues and country. His upbringing in the diverse musical landscape of Mississippi, along with musical stints in Boston and Washington, DC, deeply influenced his musical style, blending thoughtful lyrics with unique melodies. His music draws inspiration from legends like Bob Dylan and Peter Gabriel, as well as modern artists like Radiohead and U2.

With a career marked by numerous accolades and high-profile collaborations, Johnson has established himself as a triple-threat creative within the musical mosaic. Scott Albert Johnson’s dedication to his craft and relentless pursuit of musical excellence distinguish him from the crowd. Though he is best known for his top shelf, world-class harmonica prowess, his talent for employing multiple genres in his songcraft and his ability to forge a deep connection with audiences, highlight the universal appeal of his music. With every new release, Johnson expands the horizons of his songwriting, securing his role as a nuanced, musical innovator.

About “Invisible”

The crowning achievement in his many years of creative pursuits, “Invisible” is a call to action to stay strong during challenging times. It’s a well crafted, sonic journey exploring the issues surrounding confronting fears about the unknown, while bravely moving forward. Minus the drums, all instruments were played and programmed by Scott himself, alongside his son Charlie on backing vocals with Scott as the lead. The track was also produced, engineered and mixed by Scott himself. The song and lyrical imagery work together to convey a powerful message about navigating uncertainty and the strength it takes to continue to fight the good fight, despite not knowing what lies ahead.

About the “Invisible” Music Video

A DIY project from start to finish, Johnson captures the zeitgeist, utilizing his life experience as a musician, counselor and father. He’s a keen social observer, giving voice to those who sense something is awry but have trouble articulating it. “Invisible” features unique visual elements, including scenes where Johnson appears as a sketch-like animation, adding to the dreamlike and surreal quality of the narrative. This creative approach enhances the emotional depth of the song and makes the listener feel less alone. In the clip, Johnson is initially hesitant to enter the ocean, symbolizing his trepidation about the future. However, by the end, he is fully immersed in the water, representing his courage to embrace whatever lies ahead.

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