Ted Brown “Bringing My Past Back (But Not To Haunt Me)”

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Ron Mohrhoff
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June 19, 2014


For his last video for “Love Is…” Ted Brown relied on the talents and generosity of others to make his message of equality and affection a reality. The song and video had worldly quality to it, and invited listeners from all walks of life to join in the festivities. For his new video “Bringing My Past Back (But Not To Haunt Me)” he has shed the vibrant cityscapes and expansive supporting cast, and chosen to shoot a deeply personal black and white clip that sees him confront headfirst his own path in life. But unlike most songs that look back, he’s doing so from a place of understanding, maturity, and peace of mind.

Ted’s journey from New Zealand to Los Angeles is well documented in his newest album, An Unwide Road. His brutal honesty about his own struggles with addiction that derailed his own promising musical career is treated as more of a source of inspiration than as a cry for attention. The bulk of the album consists of incredibly intimate songs that feature little more than Ted and his guitar, so when songs like “An Unwide Road” and “Bringing My Past Back (But Not To Haunt Me)” kick in with their country-infused sound, it’s a truly magnificent lift.

For the “Bringing My Past Back (But Not To Haunt Me)” video, Ted once again teamed up with “Love Is…” director Ron Mohrhoff to tell his tale. Traditionally Ted has been an enigmatic artist, preferring to let the music do the talking, but for this video not only has he decided to take the lead, but he actually plays all of the lead parts himself. Of course, Ted Brown
the singer is the focal point in this local dive bar as he serenades the crowd. Throughout the course of the video we also see him assume the role of various bar patrons. Whether it be the bartender, the tattooed troublemaker, the party guy soliciting the ladies, or the contemplative elderly man sitting at the end of the bar, Ted plays them all with conviction. Perhaps this is achieved by drawing on his own past, knowing that at some point he has been, or could have been, all of these characters.

We are incredibly pleased to be working with such a gifted performer once again, and hope you will find this video as beautiful and captivating as we have. We would love to hook you up with a copy of An Unwide Road, so please reach out to let us know if you’d like one. For more information contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.TedBrownSongs.com for more info.

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