The Great Dictators "Shame"

The Great DictatorsArtist:
Frederik Valentin
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October 2, 2015


When we brought you the “Strange Ways” video by The Great Dictators, it was a refreshing jolt of wit that used a lighthearted bit of comedy to take aim at one of the modern world’s more polarizing figures, Vladimir Putin. This time around, with the brand new video for “Shame” the band has moved out of the political arena and found their next target in the strange world of celebrity worship in 2015. Though the content is decidedly less of a hot button issue, the delivery is every bit as over the top as ever!

Though the band isn’t afraid to make bold statements and unleash brash visuals to the eyes, it’s clear to ears that there’s much more depth and thoughtfulness to these songs thanks just pure shock value. The band, based in Copenhagen, channels a number of artists such as The National, The Magnetic Fields, Nick Cave, and more to create a wholly accessible style of new wave influenced indie rock. “Shame,” the new single from the album Killers, is a groove heavy number with the drums and bass setting up the foundation for an ocean of synths and guitars swimming over the top, all of which create the ideal palette for a soothing baritone vocal.

“Shame” is a video that is salacious enough to make even the most hardened web junkie blush. It begins like many “films” begin, with a gorgeous girl donning a revealing cheerleader outfit for no apparent reason as she wanders the woods. Pretty soon it’s apparent why she’s headed off into the woods. She wants her privacy! She’s not exactly alone, being accompanied by a blow up “Justin Beaver” doll that she ties up the to tree in front of her as she does her… business. It’s a naughty clip for sure, but with the sounds of The Great Dictators over top it still retains a rather artistic character.

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