Village Echoes “The Bike”

Village EchoesArtist:
Bruno Andrade
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December 20, 2013



The most inspiring and unique bands are not the ones where musicians with identical musical tastes come together and just try to copy their shared inspirations. Rather, the best product comes from artists with a wide range of diversity in their influences, and each one bringing their own contribution to the musical equation. Sydney, Australia’s Village Echoes is the latter and this intricate rock trio has managed to create in their short time together a sound that will appeal to fans of everything from Bloc Party to Jimmy Eat World to Minus The Bear.

Village Echoes was born in Autumn of 2013 and quickly produced their debut EP Evolve, with optimizes their drive for diversity and desire not to become one dimensional. The AU Review notes that the band works with “weaving soundscapes mixed with a healthy dose of indie rock” and they noted that this young band has “a very mature sound.” Listening to Evolve and the sheer size of their sound, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that this band only consists of three members, Alex Almasi on vocals and guitar, Steve Parfitt on bass, and James Pounsett on drums.

Their standout track is “The Bike,” which is a thinly veiled kiss off about trading up for a new “bike” but then quickly realizing that this new toy isn’t as glamorous as they thought and that the pretty basket and seat are really just built for show, and not the durable kind you’d like to call your own. For the video for “The Bike” the band stays true to their simple approach and features themselves performing in front of a stark white background. Each member gets ample face time and is the perfect introduction to the band. The narrative follows a young lady who is out and about on her brand new bike, and while she is enjoying the ride on her new bike, she’s ultimately searching for something else. Will she find what she’s looking for or will her chase be futile? Check out the video to find out!

We’re very excited to be bringing you the first video from this new group and we’re confident you and your viewers alike will love it! For more information please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at

Village Echoes