Zacaria James “Grown (Sexy Lady)”

Zacaria JamesArtist:
Jeremy (Jace) Wallace & Zacaria James
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November 30, 2015


When you are born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana and have dreams and aspirations of becoming a bonafide musical sensation you have to possess a certain ability to think big and act bigger. Such is the case with Zacaria James.

This young Mid-West resident is widely known for his diverse and adaptive capabilities of combining genres and styles to produce his own sound. Along with his ability to sing and rap at any given moment, Zacaria James has also been a hip-hop instructor, teaching the youth various ways to express themselves through movement and music to morph into what people describe as the “New Face of Hip-Hop/ A New Generation of Music.”

His newest single for “Grown (Sexy Lady)” puts all of these dynamic traits on full display, as it swings effortlessly between pop and dance choruses that will make any room erupt, and hip hop verses that will work your ears into overdrive. When it all comes together it makes a product that transcends genres and uses music to bring fans of all walks of life into his tent.

The “Grown (Sexy Lady)” is a real scorcher chock full of smooth moves and even smoother vibes. Front and center in this video is Zacaria dressed to the nines as he effortlessly spits out of his rhymes and hooks in various locations. When he’s on the stage, the minimal lighting follows him as his dance moves steal the show. Then when the scenes switch to the club, watch out, because the heat gets turned up even more! Throw in a few cocktails and some gorgeous women and it’s an instant party. Of course, Zacaria is at the head of the pack making sure that the party goes the distance.

Big props to Zacaria James for allowing us to be a part of his team and help get his music video the airplay it deserves. lease contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info.

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