HIP Picks: New Music Videos from Jae Mansa ft. RiFF RaFF, Greg Hoy, + more | 10/29/2020

New This Week: “Swan” music video from Jae Mansa ft. RiFF RaFF, plus new music videos from Greg Hoy, GoodLook, AV Super Sunshine, and Kevin Phillips ft. Donnie Breeze

It may be raining here in Central Jersey but that just means time to cozy up with a mug of hot cocoa while watching some cool new music videos! Our newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here- take a look at the videos above, and learn more about the clips by clicking on the links below.

“Swan In My Pond” Music Video: Jae Mansa ft. RiFF RaFF (Hip-hop)

Two-person duo Jae Mansa have a synergy that’s unmatched, and in the past few years they’d hit many milestones: 2016 was their formation, 2018 was the year they signed an equity distribution deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, 2019 was filled with millions of streams and national placements on BET Jams, and 2020 is spearheaded by their collaboration with RiFF RaFF. The track is called “Swan In My Pond”, but they redefine the word “swan” to mean… whatever the hell they want. Directed by Santiago Echezarreta, the “Swan In My Pond” video shows our crew doing whatever they want with their money: posting up in a color-pop mansion with pink-colored pools and swans just chilling.

“Can You Take It?” Music Video: Greg Hoy (Indie-rock)

Coming on the heels of “Messed Up World” is singer-songwriter Greg Hoy’s latest, “Can You Take It?”, from the Cacophony EP. Like we all do in 2020, Greg Hoy needs a pep-talk, and the “Can You Take It?” video (directed by Greg Hoy and Carissa Johnson) begins with a pep talk from none other than legendary rapper, hard rocker, and actor Ice-T. Can Greg take it? And more importantly, can you?

“Rich Dance” Music Video: GoodLook (Hip-hop/dance)

Cincinatti’s GoodLook is looking out for all of us who are fanning out those stacks, and he’s dropping his first single “Rich Dance” just for us. The bounce, courtesy of producer Tight aka TightGoinCrazy, sets the stage for GoodLook’s flow, which is pure energy. Dream Vision Films and professor GoodLook are here and class is in session: time to learn how to wave them racks.

“X File 8675309” Music Video: AV Super Sunshine (Electronic/rock/pop)

AV Super Sunshine has taken over the DRT Global Adult Contemporary and Global Rock commercial airplay charts with songs like “Baby Goodbye”, “Apple”, “Candyland”, and “Orange” reaching the top 20, and what’s next? Well, once you’ve conquered the globe, it’s time to look to an extraterrestrial landscape. In 1981, 867-5309 became the most famous phone number on earth with Tommy Tutone’s hit song “867-5309/Jenny”, and now, in 2020, AV Super Sunshine is helping make it the most famous phone number in the galaxy with “X File 8675309.” The “X File 8675309” video shows AV and his muse Philhomena on a journey in search of something… or someone(s) who may or may not come in peace.

“Order My Steps” Music Video: Kevin Phillips ft. Donnie Breeze (Gospel/R&B)

Maryland faith-based artist Kevin Phillips knows first hand how important it is to remember the Man upstairs. As a teenager, his group Triology signed record deals in New York City; now, as a solo artist, he is also the head of Phillips Music Group, or “PMG” – which also stands for “Praise Mighty God”. “Order My Steps”, which is directed by Phillips Music Group / Deezy TV, shows the “before and after” of deciding to let God into your life, and how important it is to keep looking forward, no matter the circumstance.

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