HIP Picks: New Videos from REGINA MADRE, Lindsay Kent, and more | 4/20/2021

New This Week: “Never Be The Same” music video from REGINA MADRE, plus new music videos from Lindsay Kent, TAURIE, Kailee Spark, StreetSmartz101, Dovley, and Eveline

From rock to rap to pop to piano, music of any and all genres can move us and make us feel something. Our newest HIP Picks – Weekly Client Roundup is here; take a look at the videos, and learn more about the clips by reading below.


“Never Be The Same” Music Video: REGINA MADRE (Folk/pop)

Rebecca King Crews is resilient, talented, and visionary (you may recognize her last name – her husband is actor and activist Terry Crews). “Never Be The Same” is her latest single as REGINA MADRE; the animated clip (directed by animator Andrew William Ralph and Rebecca Crews) dramatizes a relationship crisis that ultimately brings us perseverance and true love.

“Burning Bridges” Music Video: Lindsay Kent (Rock)

Like her songs with The Millenials, the Chicagoland group she fronts, Lindsay Kent’s music has roots deep in the blues and hints of swaggering, blue-collar Midwestern rock. “Burning Bridges” is searing, heartfelt rock, and in the music video (directed by Jason Yaccino), she’s leaving behind bad memories of a painful breakup.

“HYPNOTIZE ME” Music Video: TAURIE (R&B/dance/pop)

TAURIE is a New Jersey local that intertwines her New York roots, describing her music as an “R&B to hip-hop feel, soft Bronx to contemporary.” Her “MISTLETOE” music video won The Garden State Film Festival, and she can be found working with Kyng Lyrik and Rockstar Ham to create rich R&B. In her new music video for “HYPNOTIZE ME” (directed by Daniel Boulos), we’re brought for a look inside TAURIE’s mind – and into another galaxy.

“Passageways” Music Video: Kailee Spark (Folk/rock/pop)

Singer/songwriter Kailee Spark hails from the Big Island of Hawaii, Hilo to be exact. In advance of her debut album Savor This coming on June 26th (and produced by Kukuau Studio Curator & folk/jazz musician Bub Pratt), she’s shared the music video for “Passageways” (directed by Bub Pratt and Chris Roberts), which sees her wandering through the wet, lush tropical rainforest.

“Queen’s Anthem” Music Video: StreetSmartz101 (Hip-hop/electronic)

Ocala trio StreetSmartz101 are putting in the work and putting Central Florida on the hip-hop map, making a legit movement with their fiercely independent label Zero18 Global. “Queen’s Anthem” is all about female empowerment, and the track’s video (directed by Gregg Williams) celebrates women from different ethnicities, ages, and parts of the world, uniting them in their power.

“Be About It” Music Video: Dovley (Pop/EDM)

Dovley’s first two singles, “Ricochet” and “Everywhere”, have been streamed more than 700,000 times and have established are as a vocalist with a signature sound and video performer with a unique sense of style. This vocal house and soul artist is here to lift us all up with “Be About It”, a club burner that reminds us to get up and make things happen. The “Be About It” video (directed by Dovley) shares an engaging cast of characters, all of whom are learning to love themselves and pursue their passions.

“Waiting For The Summer” Music Video: Eveline (Pop/EDM)

When it comes to creating, there is no bar for Isareli pop singer Eveline. Not limited to music, she’s even published her own children’s book, Teddy and Mandy. We’re all itching for warmth and sunshine; her new song and video “Waiting For The Summer” (directed by GreenGo Studio) is a self-explanatory breath of fresh (ocean) air.

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