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Now more than ever, music fans love to not only hear a song but to see the visuals you create. Your new music video is essential in establishing your buzz, brand and identity as an artist, so effective music video promotion is imperative to getting your music video in front of the maximum amount of viewers and new fans possible.

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That's where working with the best music video promotion company makes a world of difference. HIP Video Promo are the experts when it comes to utilizing and promoting to every potential platform, outlet, and portal to spread the word and boost your buzz.

Founded in the year 2000, Andy Gesner and his team have promoted over 3600 music videos. Most importantly, HIP has the experience and relationships necessary to connect your new music video with fans online, on terrestrial TV, in retail pools (in-store play), and on OTT (video-on-demand) platforms.

In addition to music video promotion services, HIP specializes in social media marketing. Wherever you’re at in your career, HIP can work with you to optimize your social media profiles and organically grow your online fan-base on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and beyond. Furthermore, HIP is here to work with you to film original video content that you’ll be proud of, whether that’s music videos, lyric videos, live concert footage, or fresh content for your social media.

Is Spotify your thing? HIP can do that too – we promote your song to top independent playlists to boost your streams and get potential new fans excited about your music.

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Current Priorities

  • Greg Hoy “Cacophony”
    Here it is: the thumping heart of Cacophony, the newest album from the irrepressible power pop singer-songwriter Greg Hoy. It’s the title track, the mission statement, the punchy summary of Hoy‘s main idea
  • Grey DeLisle “Valentine”
    Grey DeLisle is a Grammy-winning recording artist. Her albums The Graceful Ghost and Iron Flowers (released on Sugar Hill/Vanguard Records) were critically acclaimed and have reached fans around the world through radio,
  • Elijah Wolf “Brighter Lighting”
    With so much around us pushing us inward – toward isolation and separation – Elijah Wolf has recently struck out along a different path...
  • Kemme “Cyclorama (Poof, Too Deep & Kiss the Girls)”
    Sure, you could assign a single clip to a single track, as thousands of songwriters have done since the advent of music television...
  • Leph Louie “Motivated”
    After being all over the country, Leph Louie has left a mark everywhere he’s been. The DMV native built his foundation in Denver, CO where he kicked off his record label, TTO (Travel Team Official) Music Group.
  • Silvertung “You’re Fine”
    Good new hard rock is not as easy to come by, but once you find the ideal group, nothing else compares! Rising quartet Silvertung is the unmatched group you’re looking for – they’ll give you a masterclass in progressive rock.
  • Snuttock “Stay (Robot Mix)”
    Every image on your screen is an assembly of tiny dots. If you’re looking at videos in high resolution, it can be easy to lose sight of this. You might forget that you’re staring at a crafty assembly of pixels – points of light that can be manipulated and rearranged by a skilled videographer.
  • LBM “Bad Habits”
    Screen chemistry is a rare and valuable commodity, especially in music videos. Directors rarely have more than three minutes to establish a believable bond between the subjects they’re shooting.
  • Garmarna “Dagen Flyr”
    Ask the average American where Estonia is on a map, and you’ll likely be met with a blank stare. If they can locate it, they’ll most likely assume it is a Russian-influenced satellite state not just because of the proximity but because it was a former member of the Soviet Union.
  • Pennan Brae “Passing Fad”
    Music in its simplest form has a way of bringing us back to a certain place. Simple guitar chords and a really good rhythm trigger something in our brains and shakes a memory loose. Music is a time machine, and that’s exactly how it feels when listening to Pennan Brae.
  • Jaybandsome “Looking Up”
    Many artists enter the music industry with no direction, navigating the treacherous waters with no support, and end up getting caught by the current or by the sharks.
  • Pierre Bless “Right On Time”
    As a man who has been experimenting with music since middle school, Pierre Bless is in no rush to speed up his creative flow. Instead, he knows that stressing about success won’t bring success; what you put out in the universe will be what you get back.
  • Shaheed and Dj Supreme “Keep Climbing” ft. Angie King
    Twenty years of collaboration could cause separation and differences – or everlasting bonds. Dynamic duo Shaheed and Dj Supreme are the latter. They’re one of hip-hop’s most consistent groups by revitalizing traditional boom-bap rap.
  • Frank Hugo “Count It Up”
    Money can’t buy happiness, but it can motivate you to live a better life! Metro-Atlanta rapper Frank Hugo knows what it’s like to have started from having nothing.
  • Theodor Bastard “Les”
    Human beings have always treated the forest with awe and reverence. The woods are a place of mystery and danger; they symbolize the unknown, the untamed, the unpredictable.
  • Slammin’ Gladys “Dragon Eye Girl”
    t’s not hard to pin a genre on a band like Slammin’ Gladys; it’s impossible. They grew up on the radio – early rock and life-changing Motown, and boy did they take notes.
  • MariBased1 ft. BeatKing “48 Ratchet”
    Maribased1’s music is second to none, and that’s because he is on a mission to demonstrate that “Seattle music is real”- not hard to do, since the rapper’s universal sound sustains the weight of his city.
  • Ty Breezzyy “TRUE”
    When it comes to writing music, a lot of artists tend to pull from personal experiences. Often, it’s easier to draw from negative memories like a breakup or losing a loved one.
  • Joyann Parker “Carry On”
    We think of the blues as the most traditional form of popular music. And that it is – but it’s also much more. Blues is the bedrock of American popular expression because it demands innovation from its practitioners.
  • War Panties “Creaky Crooked Woman” and “Delaware Cornfields”
    They call themselves the best bar band in Louisville, Kentucky, and they’ve got the goods to back up that claim. Everything about War Panties is designed for in-person delivery:

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