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Now more than ever, music fans love to not only hear a song but to see the visuals you create. Your new music video is essential in establishing your buzz, brand and identity as an artist, so effective music video promotion is imperative to getting your music video in front of the maximum amount of viewers and new fans possible.

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That's where working with the best music video promotion company makes a world of difference. HIP Video Promo are the experts when it comes to utilizing and promoting to every potential platform, outlet, and portal to spread the word and boost your buzz.

Founded in the year 2000, Andy Gesner and his team have promoted over 3600 music videos. Most importantly, HIP has the experience and relationships necessary to connect your new music video with fans online, on terrestrial TV, in retail pools (in-store play), and on OTT (video-on-demand) platforms.

In addition to music video promotion services, HIP specializes in social media marketing. Wherever you’re at in your career, HIP can work with you to optimize your social media profiles and organically grow your online fan-base on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and beyond. Furthermore, HIP is here to work with you to film original video content that you’ll be proud of, whether that’s music videos, lyric videos, live concert footage, or fresh content for your social media.

Is Spotify your thing? HIP can do that too – we promote your song to top independent playlists to boost your streams and get potential new fans excited about your music.

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Current Priorities

  • Summer Rain “Let Me Tell You” - From Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island comes Summer Rain. "Let Me Tell You" is a warm embrace of the urgency of now, and the video portrays a dream-like state where nothing makes sense.
  • WHYYOUNGN “D A R L E N E” - Hardcore hip-hop and the MTA: both are quintessentially New York. Brooklyn rapper WHYYOUNGN shot the "D A R L E N E" video in a subway station, aligning himself with the city at its most elemental.
  • BEEWARE f/ Angel-A “It Is” - After living through a pandemic, everyone feels hopeless and burnt out. But is it possible for things to go back to normal to enjoy life again? Chicago rapper BEEWARE says "IT IS" in his new video.
  • Damon Little “Stand Up” - Inspirational and soul singer Damon Little has always put advocacy at the heart of his music. He's invited the members of the United Ostomy Association of America to march in his clip for "Stand Up."
  • Jim Waneka “Two Angels” - Compared to a young Johnny Cash, Jim Waneka sits at the crossroads of Americana and country. With a heartfelt acoustic guitar and classic country twang, "Two Angels" is uplifting and pure at its core.
  • Sin For Saints “Death Eater” - With Sin For Saints, Christian Cantello combines rock, screamo, and pop-punk. The "Death Eater" video (directed by Galation Morales) is about a toxic love affair - one Cantello can see right through.
  • Denzell Terrell “Keys To Ya Heart” - Denzell Terrell melts smooth-talking vocals with racy lyrics & melodic instrumentals. The "Keys To Ya Heart" video exudes the feeling of euphoria and comfort that you feel with someone you care about.
  • Staunch Moderates “Bill Maher” - Greg Simmons and Bo Persiko founded Staunch Moderates to unite the political divide. The DIY "Bill Maher" video is an ode to the HBO talk show host, featuring a special appearance from their mascot.
  • James Worthy & Big Gipp “Tick Tock” - Set in the California hills, James Worthy's “Tick Tock" video (directed by Andrea Ward) could be a visual metaphor for his music. "Tick Tock" features a true rap legend: Big Gipp of Goodie Mob.
  • Dennis J. Leise “How Do You Want ‘Em Made” - Dennis J. Leise is serving us an egg song, “How Do You Want ‘Em Made,” to be included on 'The World That You Grew Up In Is No More.' Rob Fitzgerald’s video for the song embraces its nostalgic tone.
  • Darro “Used Me (All Along)” - Darro’s got the punchy lyrics, perfectly timed hooks, and the look of a pop-punk star. The “Used Me (All Along)” video (directed by Mike Monto) grabs you by candlelight, setting a spooky mood.
  • Bruce Sudano “Do Be Do (Daytrippin’)” - Bruce Sudano has had an accomplished career as a musician and songwriter, and now runs Purple Heart Recording Company. "Do Be Do (Daytrippin')" is accompanied by a vibrant, chilled-out lyric video.
  • AJ Smith “Cooler” - “Cooler” is the latest single from singer-songwriter AJ Smith. The clip for “Cooler” (directed by Whitney Wolanin) gives two versions of AJ: the butter-smooth rocker and the awkward, nerdy sweetheart.
  • Roy Niv “Stay Up” - Roy Niv (star of the hit Israeli TV show 'Spell Keepers') is now using his platform for music. The cinematic "Stay Up" video (directed by Tomer Levi) shows his commitment to romantic narratives.
  • Star 2 feat. Luh Kel “I Wanna Get F’D Up” - San Diego-based artist Star 2's new single "I Wanna Get F'D Up" features platinum-certified rapper Luh Kel. In the dreamlike clip (directed by Hector toro), they address the camera together.
  • Kristina Murrell “Let Me Drive” - R&B/pop artist Kristina Murrell released her first album, 'Passion & Pain', with Music For Love. The video for “Let Me Drive” (directed by Sonny King) sets the good vibes in motion.
  • I Am Natrell “Notice” - “Notice,” from Las Vegas hip-hop, soul, and R&B artist I Am Natrell, is a survivor’s tale. The Films By Syn clip isn’t that different from any other hip-hop video, but there’s an unmistakable twist.
  • Sharon Hendrix “Love Ain’t Fair” - Previously a backup vocalist for other artists, Sharon Hendrix is taking center stage in her solo career. Her “Love Ain’t Fair” video (directed by Dan Voss, Jr.) shows a raw look at relationships.
  • Jen Fodor feat. Sarah Beth Go “Saturday” - Jen Fodor first penned "Saturday" two years ago, and completed the track with vocals from Sarah Beth Go. The “Saturday” video depicts the feeling of blues that come with falling out of love.
  • Steve J. Allen “Other World” - Steve J. Allen’s "Other World", from Contrast, was co-written by Matt Hardouin of Fallan. For the “Other World” video (directed by Marwah Gazi), he presents himself as a time-traveler and storyteller.
  • Jane N’ The Jungle “Ain’t No Other Way” - Jane N’ The Jungle's “Trouble” was featured on MTV, Music Choice, and more. The new “Ain’t No Other Way” video (directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera) shows the band rocking out in a glitzy haze.
  • The Nileram “RIDE” - The Nileram “RIDE” Directed by Randolph “Chiumba Dope” McKinney, Adam Verhasselt 1803 Entertainment LLC Add […]
  • Hasten Mercy “These Things” - From Head Fake to Hasten Mercy, Michael S. Baker has a long history of finding unique sonic elements. The video for “These Things” (directed by Baker), from the Hasten Mercy EP, is moody and wistful.
  • Riiyoo & Lil Lee “Pray 4 Me (feat. VL Deck)” - “Pray 4 Me”, the latest track by Riiyoo & Lil Lee, is genuine and humble. It features a verse by Atlanta street legend VL Deck. Directed by Jay Legion, the video is shot inside an atmospheric church.
  • Custom “Rock Mics Properly” - Here to shift the rap narrative is boom-bap rapper Custom. Custom shares real life experiences in the “Rock Mics Properly” video (directed by Ripper Brown) - and tells you what makes him stand out.

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