A Beautifully Shot Clip of a Band in Their Natural Environment: On the Stage… Red Wanting Blue

Plenty of bands talk about being road warriors, but few bands stick around long enough to do what Red Wanting Blue and its leader Scott Terry have done. Terry has been driving circuits around the heartland of America for the last decade, crawling under his bus when it breaks down and gaining fans the hard way: one by one. It’s these hard won fans that are the most loyal and the ones that rightfully believe that rock and roll music lives and dies by the live show. So it’s only appropriate that the new video for Red Wanting Blue’s “Audition” is an encapsulation of the band’s live energy. But before we talk about the video, let’s talk about the song!

“”Audition” is a no frills example of how heartfelt lyrics, great production values and top notch musicianship can carry a song into classic territory. Terry pours his heart out, singing of being on the short end of a missed opportunity, a lost moment in time, and how sometimes what we need can be right under our own nose if we’re just given a chance. We’d expect nothing less from Terry and Red Wanting Blue, with its new album From The Vanishing Point continuing a reputation for creating anthemic, uplifting songs that stay relatable by not glossing over the reality beneath the sunshine.

While Red Wanting Blue’s previous “Where You Wanna Go” video actually brought you on the road with the band inside its gutted and customized airport shuttle tour bus (decorated with Terry’s thrift store trinket finds), this time the cameras go inside the venue so that we can see what all the fuss is about. Shot live on location at a sold out show in the band’s hometown venue Newport Music Hall, we get a little taste of the riveting live show that has put the stamp on Red Wanting Blue’s reputation as one of the most talked about rising touring acts east of the Mississippi. And west of it too.

Red Wanting Blue – Audition (Official Music Video) from Red Wanting Blue on Vimeo.