A dark video for a journey into an artist’s dark past “When I Was Your Girl” … by the renowned British songstress, Alison Moyet

When I Was Your Girl

Alison Moyet has been a favorite in the music industry since the beginning of the 80s. Known for her bluesy, contralto vocals reminiscent of David Bowie, her UK album sales have reached a certified 2.3 million with over a million singles sold; all seven of her studio albums and three complication albums have charted in the Top 30 UK Album Chart with two of the albums reaching number one. HIP Video Promo is proud to introduce her mesmerizing new video clip “When I Was Your Girl.”

Moyet began her mainstream pop career in 1982 at the young age of 21. She formed the synth/pop duo known as Yazoo with former Depeche Mode member, Vince Clark having several hits such as “Only You,” “Don’t Go,” “Situation,” and “Nobody’s Diary.” By 1983, Moyet and Clarke decided to disband Yazoo where Moyet signed to CBS to embark on her solo career. In 1984, Moyet released her debut solo album Alf, which immediately became a hit in Britain reaching No. 1 in the album chart. During the beginning of her career, Alison performed alongside popular musicians such as Paul Young, David Bowie, and Pete Townshend. She also provided vocals for Paul McCartney’s “Let It Be” one evening during a microphone mishap.

After some struggles with Sony, Moyet was signed to Sanctuary Records and released her first studio album after eight years! Hometime was produced by The Insects, and launched Alison into the top five best-selling female UK artists of 2002. She has received countless nominations including a BRIT Awards nomination for Best Female Vocalist as well as a Mercury Music Prize. Now, 2013 is looking at Alison Moyet in a new light. Her newest album the minutes, on Metropolis Records, is set for an upcoming release. HIP Video Promo is pleased to present you with “When I Was Your Girl,” a clip that gives us a preview for what to expect from her new album.