Adam 8*1*2: Watch the video for “Poison”

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June 26, 2009
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June 30, 2009

Adam 8*1*2

This video–for orchestra dorks anyway–is painful. I couldn’t take it. There’s a guy who bashes a violin on the ground. Those things are expensive, man!

At any rate, this scene gets across what the girls of Adam 8*1*2 wanted to get across–that if you find yourself in a bad relationship, get out, before it’s too late and your heart gets broken. The single “Poison,” inspired by a real breakup of one of the girls’ good friends, is candid and personal, open and accessible. Everyone who has ever been in a bad relationship–we all have–can relate to it.

Adam 8*1*2 is a group made up of very talented girls aged 17 and up. Despite their young age, they are incredibly skilled musicians and they possess the ability to work hard. They’ve created a series of tight-knit, emotionally-moving pop songs.

For more info, check out MySpace. And watch the video below: