Architects join Frank Iero’s Skeleton Crew

Frank Ieros Skeleton Crew

Addressing readers as Sir or Madam, The Architects wrote a long blog post on MySpace resembling a formal business letter.
Here’s how it begins:

“Dear Sir or Madam:

It is with almost unspeakable pleasure, opiatic euphoria and blasphemous amounts of boastful pride and pomposity that Architects Ventures Interglobal may now announce that The Architects have signed to Skeleton Crew and begun work in earnest to complete and release a new full-length album for early summer 2009.”

At least they’re humble about it.

The Skeleton Crew, the band further elaborates, is a label created by My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero. Skeleton Crew works with artists like Leathermouth, David Costa, New Tomorrow and The Mean Reds.

Skeleton Crew, according to the org’s Web site, is striving toward being an alternative music company, its feet pointing away from the mainstream. Some of the proceeds the bands receive go towards a charity of their choice.

We’re excited that The Architects are signed and secured and ready to continue on to their next album. The Architects sculpt their own brand of fiery, raw and edgy rock n’ roll, with punk elements blended into the mix.