Badia Farha: Making the Garden State proud!

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June 15, 2009
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June 17, 2009

Badia Farha Jump

Badia Farha is a strong woman with a strong vocal ability that rivals the Motown greats. She started singing at age 2, and hasn’t stopped.

Even when she held a job as a bank teller, and later as a toll collector, she was singing to the patrons.

Now, she’s an accomplished woman with a Master’s in Musical Performance from NYU. As a solo performer, she fuses funk, soul, rock and hip hop into a powerful concoction that is deep and inspirational.

Although she is exploding on the scene, and many people want to hear her perform, she wants the exact same for other people–she wants to hear them in her songs. She explains it like this: “Music is that spiritual, unexplained connection that unites people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. It is the tie that binds. I work to create music that everyone can relate to. I speak to the hearts and souls of the young and the old. I tell the stories of the people through their eyes. Everyone has a story to tell, and my story is told through my voice. That is my form of communication.”

See her Web site for more quotes like this–and music samples.